Let’s talk… Spirituality and Social Media with Katie Brockhurst

Clients call Katie Brockhurst their “Social Media Angel”. It is more than a nickname: it’s a job description, an ethos, a mission statement. Like all meaningful titles it wasn’t chosen, it evolved through years of hard work and trusting that Desire, Belief and Action make dreams come true. Geek. Yogi. Lightworker. Social Media consultant for … More Let’s talk… Spirituality and Social Media with Katie Brockhurst

Let’s Connect.

When I was ill I felt like I did not belong anywhere. I felt like a stranger amongst friends, and an outsider amongst strangers. Making connections felt impossible. Feeling that disconnected is painful. I would have done anything not to live in that lonely place. Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection  ~ Brené Brown To … More Let’s Connect.

Releasing Attachment

Attachment for me comes down to two things – People & Stuff. Over time I have released pretty much most of my attachment to ‘things’. While my partner loves new, shiny things and the latest technology going, nowadays I would rather spend my money of making memories than buying the latest of this or that. … More Releasing Attachment