Let’s Connect.

When I was ill I felt like I did not belong anywhere. I felt like a stranger amongst friends, and an outsider amongst strangers. Making connections felt impossible. Feeling that disconnected is painful. I would have done anything not to live in that lonely place. Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection  ~ Brené Brown To … More Let’s Connect.

Releasing Attachment

Attachment for me comes down to two things – People & Stuff. Over time I have released pretty much most of my attachment to ‘things’. While my partner loves new, shiny things and the latest technology going, nowadays I would rather spend my money of making memories than buying the latest of this or that. … More Releasing Attachment

A Letter of Love

Suicide is complex. It usually occurs gradually, progressing from suicidal thoughts, to planning, to attempting suicide and finally dying by suicide. Source: International Association for Suicide Prevention Suicide remains a major gender and social inequality and is a devastating event for families and communities. There were 6,708 suicides in the UK and ROI in 2013. … More A Letter of Love

The Semicolon Project

Tattoos which have an inspiring message about mental illness? Hmmm. I was dubious.  But, what the hell, thought I would take a look anyhoo. A Semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to. That author is you and the sentence is your life. Semicolon tattoos have now become an ongoing … More The Semicolon Project