Adoption: Stage One ~ Registration of Interest Form (ROI)

Saturday, 11th February 2018 It’s official. We have started the formal adoption evaluation process, which includes things like references and background checks. This stage, in theory, will take no longer than 2 months. While I am not a big fan of filling in forms, the Registration of Interest Form (ROI) is not actually too bad. … More Adoption: Stage One ~ Registration of Interest Form (ROI)

Adoption: Baby Steps

Waiting for our first adoption information evening is like waiting for Santa, I am counting the sleeps. Tom has said that I will be the teacher’s pet. I have a whole folder of information on adoption. I have taken the e-learning course. I have read a book on one woman’s journey through the adoption process. So, … More Adoption: Baby Steps

Trying for a Baby

I am 39 shortly and all of a sudden, I hear the clock ticking. I never thought I would be “that” person. I have always wanted to be a Mummy. No matter how messed up I was or whichever direction life took me, the one certainty was I wanted to have children. Once upon a … More Trying for a Baby