In 2011 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It had been a long and very hard journey to get there but once it was confirmed and I was put on medication my life changed. I finally felt like I was the person I was supposed to be and I was ready to embrace a new adventure, to focus on my mind, body and soul, and to live my life authentically for the first time ever.

So, why Magpies and Ladders?

I write these pages for myself and also for you, in the hope that through exploring what motivates, develops, intrigues and inspires me can make a difference to you too. When I was lost I craved the words of others to help me find myself. Now I am happy and well I need and want the words of others to teach me more. I am so grateful to all those whose words have helped me I want to give something back.


When I was ill superstition grew into an obsession with magpies. If I saw one I knew disaster was on its way, that it was going to be a bad day, and ultimately I was doomed. Now I know that they are just birds, that is all. They remind me of how powerful the mind can be. We can either choose to see the worst or, we can choose to find the best in each and every situation . Shit happens, that’s a given, but it is how we deal with it that counts.


Life is full of ladders. Be sure to recognise them when they appear. You can build your own, let others help you up, and if you fall down just shrug it off and climb again. Each step up is an opportunity to get to where you’re going, even if you are not quite sure where that is yet.

Helene Palmer

Helene lives with her husband Tom , Twiggy (the best beagle EVER), and the mighty Floof (a very fluffy black and white naughty cat).

When she isn’t writing & interviewing, she is out and about working for one of the UK’s best loved disability charities.

As a mental health and self-love advocate she speaks openly about her own experiences in the hope of inspiring change in the battle against stigma.

She is a vegan and a big fan of meditation, Reiki, stretching, cherry blossom, puns and laughing, loudly.



Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. ~ Lucille Ball


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m loving your blog! Keep sharing your journey and keep being honest! I’m sure you can help a lot of people.

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