Always (/mostly) look on the bright side of life…

When I started this site it was to speak up for mental health. I also did it to raise awareness of wellbeing advocates and spiritual leaders.

Today things have come so far. Mental health posts have become the norm across social media channels. Wellbeing and spiritual practices have become mainstream. From crystal healing to Reiki, and gong baths to Goop, it’s amazing. An incredible 15 people I interviewed at the time have now published at least one book – beyond awesome!

My very first post was on Vegfest. I’d attended the London event and it wasn’t particularly busy. It has subsequently got busier and busier year on year. The Vegan Society’s research found there were 600,000 vegans in Great Britain in 2018, with the number quadrupling over the last four years. Amazing! I can’t step into supermarkets and restaurants nowadays without smiling at all the vegan options.

2018 saw the largest annual increase in global renewable generation capacity ever, with new solar photovoltaic capacity outstripping additions in coal, natural gas and nuclear power combined. A new mobilising force for climate action emerged in the shape of Extinction Rebellion. And, renewable generation technologies such as wind turbines or solar photovoltaics are now a familiar sight. Awareness of how serious the need for change has risen dramatically, leading to changes in individual lifestyles and wider communities.

Last week it was announced that people found guilty of the worst cases of animal cruelty will face up to five years in prison under a new law proposed for England and Wales. It’s a huge improvement and a positive step in the right direction.

It’s easy to get caught in the bleak whirlwind of politics, climate change and the worst in humanity. There is so much negative press it is often hard to avoid the ugliness in the world. Sometimes you really do just have to turn that frown upside down, pop those rose specs on and see where the world has got it right.

Here is your little reminder today:

  • You can make a difference
  • See the best in people
  • Be kind
  • Learn through failure
  • Celebrate success, big and small
  • Stay positive
  • Be grateful for the good

Image: @StacieSwift 💕