Let’s talk… The Food Remedy with Kirsten Davies

Kirsten Davies qualified as a Harley Street trained nutritionist and body confidence coach. She trained with Ian Marber, the Food Doctor and has also worked with Dr Marilyn Glenville and Jamie Oliver, a champion of healthy eating.

Combining her nutritional knowledge with mindfulness and psychology, Kirsten helps clients understand the link between the food they eat and the thoughts they think. She is on a mission to educate people that a healthy body image goes much deeper than what you put on your plate. She wants people to get out of the diet trap and finally be in control of the way they feel about themselves.

Ever been trapped in a cycle of self-loathing? Are you all too familiar with yo-yo dieting? Do you hate the way look? Ever find yourself comparing yourself to others? Do you feel like you are missing out because of these things?

You are not alone.

Maybe it’s time to to ditch the “diet” mentality and to start to understand how food is central to your spiritual and physical well-being.

Meet Kirsten Davies.

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How has your own personal journey influenced your work and life choices?

I spent most of my teenage years and early twenties hating my body, confused about what to eat. It got to a point that I just wanted to understand it once and for all so I trained as a nutritionist.

What inspired you to create The Food Remedy and how did you get started?

After qualifying as a nutritionist I was still working as a nanny however, four months after I qualified I was made redundant from my nanny job. The following summer I did an internship in Hayley street for The Food Doctor and I loved it. I knew this was the path I wanted to take and The Food Remedy was born!

What approach do you take to helping others?

I look at their mindset, lifestyle, current and past eating patterns and we discuss goals and the changes that will help them get to where they want to be. My motto is:

Feed your mind. Nourish your body. Fuel your soul.

Tell us about the key challenges you see facing people today?

I think there is information overload. However I think that when people understand how their bodies work they start to be able to understand all that information a little more. I also think the role of social media can erode and confuse people. People look at media sensations online and want to eat what they eat. What someone posts on social media may not be the whole story.

In terms of healthy problems, I see a range of clients but mainly women in the twenties and thirtys suffering from depression, infertility, distorted eating patterns and then those with full blown eating disorders.

With so much information being thrown at us about what is and isn’t good for us by the media/social media, how do we know what to believe?

I think people need to look at the source of the information, read the study the information came from and really only ask qualified people about nutrition. The problem with nutrition is people are all too often happy to believe what they read or follow the advice of an untrained but slim, healthy looking person. Looks can fool us and with so many young women focusing on being slim and not always healthy, this can be a problem.

How do we move from body shaming to promoting healthy body images?

That’s an amazing question and one I’m not sure that I know the answer. However women can start by loving themselves more, comparing themselves less and respecting other women’s bodies and that means not shaming or criticising them. Imagine if every women stopped hating her body? Imagine if every woman stop criticising other women. Whilst companies and the media play a part individually we can’t change them, we can only change ourselves. If everyone changes these other sources of body shaming would stop because there wouldn’t be a demand for them.

If you want body shaming to stop – start by loving yourself more, your weight isn’t your worth, your body is not an ornament!

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What are your top three favourite foods which you could not live without?

  1. Raspberries
  2. Coconut or Greek yogurt
  3. Roast chicken dinners – yum

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to overcome self-sabotage and to fall in love with their body again?

You can’t shame yourself slim and you can’t criticise yourself happy, it all starts with love. If you can’t quite love your imperfections then just stop being unkind to yourself. Become your own best friend. Be kind to yourself. You believe what you repeatedly tell yourself so become conscious of how you speak to yourself and focus on thinking thoughts that make you feel good.

Also, write down any compliments anyone gives you on post-it notes and put them in a large glass jar anytime you feel sad read the notes.

What does Holistic living mean to you?

Holistic health to me means that the whole person is treated. When someone comes to see me we don’t just discuss their diet and food goals we look at how their life is working for them. We discuss jobs, relationships, mindset and so forth. What I’ve come to realise is that many people use food to escape, numb or to hide from other factors in their life. I believe so many addictions are due to a lack of self love.

Holistic health is health of the mind, body and soul.

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What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?

Food is powerful when you change your diet you really can change your life. Don’t believe me? Try my 7 day whole food plan yourself and see your mood improve, your energy increase and your cravings curbed!

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  1. Have an attitude of gratitude by focusing on the good in things and the sliver linings.
  2. You get what you give so, give what you want to get. When you give pure loving energy you start to have a deeper appreciation for life.
  3. Stop terrorising yourself with your thoughts! Be kind to yourself and think thoughts that make you feel good.
  4. Learn to give yourself the love you deserve. Sometimes we look to others to love us because loving ourself isn’t that easy. No one can fill the void that a lack of self-love can create.
  5. Stop dieting. Focus on eating real, whole foods. Think deliciously, satisfying fats from oily fish, avocados, nuts, seeds, and good quality protein from grass fed beef, organic free range poultry , eggs and live natural yogurt. A lovely wide range of different coloured vegetables with a few fruits eaten every day.
You are gorgeous.  You can feel well.  You will be happy.
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First Published 2015/10/30