Adoption: Stage One ~ Registration of Interest Form (ROI)

Saturday, 11th February 2018

It’s official. We have started the formal adoption evaluation process, which includes things like references and background checks. This stage, in theory, will take no longer than 2 months.

While I am not a big fan of filling in forms, the Registration of Interest Form (ROI) is not actually too bad. Hallelujah.

It covers the basic about us details, as well as referee information and expected disclosure statements regarding offenses and dangerous pets. I glance at Twiggy and try to imagine her posing any danger to anything other than a sausage. Then I look at Floof and remember no one is safe from her. Kidding. Kind of.

The form goes on to cover occupations and financials, our childcare experience and, of course, why we want to adopt.

Why do we want to adopt? How do you put that into words. I guess you just say it how it is.

We want to provide a happy, loving home to a child who needs one.


Oh, and fyi, if you smoke and you are considering adoption, you need to quit. (If you smoke and are not considering adoption, you alsoΒ should quit!)

Form done and in the post. Squeak.

Saturday, 18th February 2018

It’s official. I sent in our ROI too soon. Oops.

It is worth noting that once the agency receives your ROI they have five days to assign you a social worker. Due to government targets the clock starts ticking when they receive your form.

So, if the social worker says “send your form in end of February” she means it literally.

On the positive we had a lovely chat when she informed me of my error. Silver lining.

Form poised to be sent Thursday, 1st March 2018.

To be continued…