Adoption: The Initial Visit

Friday, 26th January 2018

Today was our first visit from a social worker. We tidied, cleaned and I bought far too many nibbles and drinks. I will be the first to admit how nervous I was, how could you not be with something so important.

We think it went well. We were open and honest, and I guess that is the best you can do.

The lady was friendly but factual. We liked her, she has a new puppy, and Twiggy liked her instantly.

We sat formally at the table. As luck would have it she is allergic to cats, Floof was banished from the lounge immediately. Meanwhile Twiggy lay on the sofa like the spoilt lady of leisure she possibly is.

We discussed the basics, name, DOB etc., and then progressed to family. I had already taken the opportunity to get the Sharpies out to illustrate the Palmer Support Team, of friends, family and Facebook networks. Any excuse #SharpieLove

We covered off exes, work, (my) misspent youth, and of course our collection of health issues. All topics would be discussed in greater depth if we are able to continue to Stage One.

As I said, we were honest. No one is perfect so why pretend to be. In life in general, all we can do is our best. We are who we are due to every experience that has brought us to this point.

Now the waiting game begins. Patience is a must. Fingers (and toes) are crossed.

(PLEEEEEASE let us be able to progress.)

Friday, 2nd February 2018

Trying not to think about it is pretty impossible. I switch from thinking that there can’t be any reason for us not to proceed, to wondering if health issues will be a blocker. Maybe I talked too much, said something stupid or spoke over Tom too much.

If we can proceed I think I need to accept the fact we will be dissected and judged.

I emailed yesterday to check whether it was this week or next we would hear. It’s next week. Deep breaths.

The social worker has emailed to asked more questions. We take it as good news, as hopefully it means that she is doing our report. Eek.

Our finances are definitely in good shape. I also let her know about one of Tom’s exes having children. As the social worker says, all experience counts.

Fingers and toes are all crossed. I hope they don’t get stuck in that position.

Saturday, 11h February 2018

I got the call on Tuesday. We can proceed. I cried. It was the best news EVER.

We have training scheduled for three days in March and have started completing the Registration of Interest (ROI) form.

I know there is a long, long way to go but, this is a good feeling.