Adoption: Baby Steps

Waiting for our first adoption information evening is like waiting for Santa, I am counting the sleeps.

Tom has said that I will be the teacher’s pet. I have a whole folder of information on adoption. I have taken the e-learning course. I have read a book on one woman’s journey through the adoption process. So, I have lots of information ready for the information evening (I like to know what I’m walking into).

Since we made our decision the difference in us both is evident. We are undoubtedly happier. We also have clarity around what we really want and that feels great.

We want a family. We want to be parents. We want to provide a loving, happy home and do the very best we can. Simple. Right?

The truth is folks, it is never simple.

I have watched friends seemingly become pregnant with ease. I have seen countless Facebook posts of newborns, hoidays and happy families. Life is never that simple.

Since my previous post on this topic I have had lots of messages and conversations on the matter. All of which have reinforced our decision.

We are all so different. As individuals we need to chose what is right for us. Maybe that is pregnancy, surrogacy, IVF, adoption, or maybe to just be happy as we are, without children.

Whichever path we chose in life there will be challenges. We will always be tested, as individuals and in our relationships. I guess the key is to always stay focussed on what is important to us. Whether it is our relationship, our mental health, or our ultimate goal. It will always be tough to keep that focus when you are stretched emotionally, physically, financially. We just have to do the best we can.

When I look at my life and see Tom, Twiggy and Floof I know what is important to me. It is the loving, happy home I have right in front of me. While I hope for it to be filled with children one day, it is wonderful, just as it is.

THREE sleeps. I am hopeful, but also nervous. It would be a shame not to put a perfectly loving, happy home to such good use.