Let’s talk… Energy, Empathy and Intuition with Robyn Silverton

I first met Robyn Silverton when I arrived late one morning for her and Rebecca Campbell’s Spirited Sunday. Despite my tardiness Robyn opened the door to me with a warmth that made me feel as if I were being welcomed into her own home.

The next time we met was in the beautiful surroundings of Regents Park for a bit of Sole to Soul. Her unique session combined a blend of walking, talking and guidance surrounded by nature, and a peacock. It was exactly what I needed. Without expectations I let myself fall into her healing hands and open heart as I sat in vulnerability, gaining insight and perspective.

As Robyn tells me how she could spend hours listing her own faults, providing me with a well needed reminder that we are all fallible, I see a woman with an incredibly big heart, and a warmth and softness I just want to nest into.

Meet Robyn Silverton.


How has your own personal journey influenced your work?

Like many in the healing professions, my passion for guiding people to enjoy their best health comes from a consequence of my own life experience. Born with a rare blood disorder, I have had challenging times on the health front. My early years spent in haematology clinics established an acute awareness of how people feel when compromised by illness. Fear was palpable in these hospital settings. I had a strong sense of this as a young girl and use this understanding today to help others overcome their perceived limits.

How does your work help others?

rs3In all areas of my work – Energy Integration, Intuitive Guidance and Yoga – I aim to help people regain a sense of freedom about themselves. They may be looking for a physical change, but just as likely, there will be emotional and mental aspects to their healing. In my experience, when we are helped to create space for ourselves energy can flow in a healthier way. It is this process of reconnecting with ourselves at all levels that is vital to bring about the shift we are looking for.

Why is the place where energy and empathy meet important to you?

With a background in Science (as a Physio) I have spent 25 years developing empathetic awareness. This ability to step into someone else’s shoes is at the core of how I work with clients. However, what people come to me for is change (of all shapes and sizes) and for that to occur ‘energy’ is needed to catalyse the process. Experience shows me that it is the combination of empathetic listening and conscious action that brings about personal transformation.

How would you describe intuition and its purpose?

For me, intuition is a knowing – a sense about something or someone that usually comes as a non-rational download. It may manifest through any of your five sense or sometimes even beyond them. Its main purpose seems to be to help us return to a place of trust and connection in the bigger picture, rather than living from a place of control in our thinking minds. Acting on these intuitive hits often makes no sense at the time but becomes clear at a later date. It is important to note that we are all intuitive and use it everyday in one way or another. To hone intuition – which truly adds an extra dimension to our lives – we need to factor in daily quiet time (even just 5 minutes) because with a still mind it is much easier to hear!

What is the key to seizing our spirits? untitled9

This strapline resonated with me because it best describes the whole mantra behind any of the sessions I offer. My role is to see the true spirit of you and understand what may be limiting you from living from it. Together we find the best way for you to access the voice of your heart (home of spirit) and the trust and confidence to honour it. It is this balance between tuning in and then acting out that ‘Seize your Spirit’ describes.

What does Holistic living mean to you?

That wise man, Aristotle, said,

The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts’

This is exactly the philosophy that Holistic living embodies.

On a practical level, this involves viewing the mind, body and spirit as inextricably linked and treating it accordingly.

A classic example is the overworked man with chronic back pain who only gets temporary relief with physical treatment. However, when he looks at the underlying pressures in his life and his belief patterns about worth and success he is able to move on.

Similarly, the woman with chronic fatigue who is always trying to be the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect friend and perfect professional has much greater energy and overall health once she addresses self-acceptance.

These are two micro cases, the macro picture of Holistic living for me is having an active awareness that we are all connected to one another and our environment. Therefore our choices have a much wider and deeper effect on the world than we may first realise.

rs4What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?

Most of us at some point in our lives feel for whatever reason we are not on a path that is true to ourselves. In these times, we have a choice…

Option one: to continue as before, on the well-trodden path that got us here, or option two: adopt some self-awareness practices, which will help provide some answers and adjustments. It seems like a no-brainer!

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  1. Five minutes daily to focus on your breath
  2. Do lots of what makes you smile
  3. When the voice of your inner-critic pipes ups, counter-act it with a compliment to yourself
  4. Give something from your heart everyday – e.g. a hug, make a coffee or tea for someone
  5. Finish everyday with three things that you are grateful for

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First Published 2014/09/05