Let’s talk… Spirituality and Social Media with Katie Brockhurst

Clients call Katie Brockhurst their “Social Media Angel”. It is more than a nickname: it’s a job description, an ethos, a mission statement. Like all meaningful titles it wasn’t chosen, it evolved through years of hard work and trusting that Desire, Belief and Action make dreams come true.

Geek. Yogi. Lightworker. Social Media consultant for authors & experts.

Meet Katie Brockhurst.


Our world is changing and the internet has a big part to play. My mission is to use my skills to help people who help people.

How has your own personal journey influenced your work and life choices?   

I came into a family who have fully supported, and loved, me in doing what I love. I got sent to good schools,  was pretty good academically and was a keen bean who liked to be top of the class!

This gave me confidence when going out into the world. My father ran his own business so my family never questioned it when, at 20, I set up my first company, with some other students at University, a social network called World Graduate, 7 years BF (before Facebook).

By the time I was 22 the dot com market had crashed, my co-founders had found ‘proper’ jobs  in advertising and the City. I had decided that I wanted to work in the TV/ Music/Entertainment industry and not run what would become to be know as an internet start up.

Work/ career /life were always one and the same and it was always personal for me. I had to love it, how could I spend most my time doing something that didn’t stimulate or motivate me? That was never an option for this incarnation.

At 22 I looooooved celebrities and pop music (ahem, boybands). The holy grail for me at that time was a job working on a TV show, or at one of the major record labels. I dreamt of running round the BBC or having a BMG Records email address.

What happened next?..

I got a job as a runner at the BBC (working on The Weakest Link – cleaning out Ann Robinson’s dressing room no less. This made me realise that TV was not for me! I then got a lucky break, while temping at record labels doing reception jobs.  I was sent to work for Radio 1 DJ Dave Pearce to cover the phones for a few weeks. I got hired as his PA at his BMG record label NuLife and stayed there for 3 years, along with my well manifested BMG email address!

unnamed6Remember Vicki Beckham and Dane Bowers ‘Out of Your Mind’ and Ian Van Dahl ‘Castles In the Sky’? Yup that was us. Working with Dave, who was riding high with a string of No.1 records  on  Drive Time/ Dance Anthems for Radio 1, and with residencies in Ibiza. As you can imagine being his PA was an incredible experience. Brit Award parties, backstage at Party In The Park. I really loved working in the music industry, it was a good 10 years before I realised we didn’t fit anymore.  The drugs, drink, party, nightlife scene, which I had once been into in my 20’s,  started to loose its appeal.

At 28 I’d won a Sony Radio Academy Award for a podcast I had created in my spare time, the ‘Firin’ Squad Unsigned Podcast’, and I knew I wasn’t happy in my full time job, which had evolved into a Talent Manager at Dave’s Management company.   I decided to quit and move out to Ibiza for a season, where I co-created a no.1 podcast for ‘We Love Sundays’ at Space Nightclub (as you do).  I came back to London and set up the ‘Kdot Online Agency’, which was a pretty new concept in terms of being a ‘boutique’ social media agency. This was 2007 and Facebook / Twitter were still in their infancy.

Fast forward 3 or 4 years and I was running out of steam, out of cash, and out of joy. I was all out of Love!  I’d split up with my boyfriend, my business was struggling, and my body was a bit broken from all the partying. I knew I needed to sort my shit out.

I began to turn to spirituality. I had always been into astrology, spirit guides, fairies, energies, aliens, 2012 prophecies…  you know… on the down low. That was when I went on my first Retreat – a F**k It retreat with John and Gaia Parkin, teachers and Hay House authors, a week that ended up changing my life path, ultimately leading me to where I am now.

In the following years I ditched the drugs, the drink and the parties. I swapped them for green smoothies, chi kung & meditation. As I did that my client base also started to change. Law of attraction in action!

The less time I spent on dance floor, and the more time I spent in workshops / on retreats, my client base started to naturally move/change all of its own accord. However, my business Kdot Online was still stuck in my past.  I knew I had to make a change. I had what appeared to be a successful agency on paper, x5 staff, a cool west London office, O2,  Sony, Penguin Books, Harper Collins as clients, but I wasn’t happy. We were only really covering costs. I didn’t like being a boss. I didn’t like working in an office. I was trapped by my own creation.

At a breaking point moment, I was invited onto the legend that is Lynne Franks’ ‘ Womens Leadership’ retreat at her home in Mallorca for a week. She sat down with each of us and she took one look at the answers I had written in response to her pre-retreat questionnaire, and she said “Ditch the agency, ditch the staff, go solo as a consultant.” It was big bold advice but, I knew she was right.   I flew back home and wound up the company within 2 weeks.

Fast forward 2 years, pretty much exactly to the day, and I am sat in a co-working space, on a beach in Ko Phanang, Thailand writing this and working on a project for Hay House UK.

Which is exactly the life that feels right, right now.

Who knows where it will take me next.

But I’ll be sure to keep following.

It seems to have worked out OK so far!

What desires have driven you? 

Freedom for sure.  Love… Happiness…

Enjoying what I do…

Working for and with people that inspire me.

Sharing my gifts, enthusiasm, talents, insights and skills.

How do your own beliefs impact your work? 

One of my key beliefs is that we don’t need to be sat in an office,  or at a desk from 9-5, to be successful or profitable. The internet, and the ever expanding accessible technology available, has changed The Game constantly.  Everyone can use the internet to change the way they work, to set up a website, to start communicating with people all over the world, sharing & selling their products, ideas, services, be it their own or for team, organisation, company they work for.

Social media in its many guises (from whatsapp to asana, to facebook, to instagram…)  is key tool for communication, creating awareness, building teams, sales and so much more. As I use the internet to run my business from anywhere in the worl, and live a life I love, I am more and more (and even MORE) motivated to help people do it too. And, I’ve not even got started, there is so, so much that can be done with it. I have barely scratched the surface within my own business.

Tell us about the key challenges you see facing people today when it comes to social media? 

The fears and blocks around sharing ourselves and our message/services online, authentically, consistently and without comparison!! Social media can create many blocks and can trigger a range of  fears depending on the person, usually around the actual creating of content  (video is a big one!). A fear of sharing a point of view, an idea or art. A fear of how to use the technology itself, often see more within the non digital native demographic.

What approach do you take to helping your clients? 

I find out where their individual/team strengths are, what fears or blocks are there when it comes to social media. What their goals are, not just for social media but for their business or project overall, so that I can help them create a road map. To help them know what platforms to choose, content to create, people to promote to, what skills to engage or develop, which and what hurdles we can jump over quickly through outsourcing or collaborating. This is with the aim to get social media moving quickly into positive  a rhythm, and place of enjoyment for them and their audience so they can reach more people or, engage with the people that are already there and interested in them or their offerings.


How can our vibes attract our tribe?  

It is the Law of attraction in action on social media. And it works on many levels.

It can be something like if you are feeling nervous, fearful and not really yourself when recording a series of videos for your social media channels. You were not in the right vibration when creating so your videos won’t attract as well as they would do if you were in your zone and in flow, being your true self.

If you feel stuck around your social media then it’s likely your social media is going to be stuck.

If you are happy finding it easy to be consistent, and enjoying the process of being your true self, and using social media in a way that is most authentic to you then you will attract the right people to you on social media.

Everyone is different, there is a tribe out there who will love you and your vibe. By discovering why you unnamed7want or need a tribe, who your tribe are (online and offline!) , who you are, and what and why you want to communicate what you do as creatively, easily, authentically as is right for on social media, then LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE and BOOM you will create the RIGHT tribe for YOU. To talk to, share with, sell to, support  etc. A tribe that meets your needs and theirs,  helping you to achieve your goals in relation to social media.

What key advice would you give to anyone wanting to utilize social media more effectively?

Having a strategic, engaging, enjoyable plan in place in regards to content creation and being consistent with publishing on one or two platforms is key to make social media work effectively for you/ your business.

Get clear on why your doing it – it is a investment of time and money to do it properly. Once you are clear on why get clear on the how.

What are you going to do on social media and when? What content are you going to create, how are you going to communicate, when are you going to publish and why?

Then go and DO IT.

Be consistent with it, use it, learn from it, invest in it and it can do a lot for you.

This is the hardest part and I personally am GREAT at doing it for other people and supporting them in doing it yet am totally RUBBISH at doing it for myself. Don’t we always teach the things we most need to learn! I have every excuse in the book – e.g. I’m so busy doing it for clients that I don’t have time/ energy to do it myself. But, if I want to personally shift my business model from one to one / delivery/consultancy to teaching, guiding larger groups of people, as I am being guided to do, then I need to step my own social media game up. Once I make that decision to commit to that path I will create a plan, as I do for my clients, and get the right support in place to make it happen.

What does Holistic living mean to you? 

Living with an awareness of mind, body and soul, by listening to those different parts of you with equal importance, relevance and reverence. Following that guidance and living from your centre point of awareness . Taking action accordingly from listening to the self – with a view to living a balanced life that supports you in achieving your own soul wishes and desires.

What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?    

unnamed8Cynics -a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honourable or unselfish reasons.

Sceptics – a person who maintains a doubting attitude, as toward values, plans, statements, or the character of others.

Intrigued – arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate.

I started to write an individual message to the 3 but each one had a similar theme – so I scrapped… I also realised that we can all be cynical, sceptical or intrigued depending on what it is and how it triggers our programming, our past, our beliefs, our fears…. et al.

So the message is…

Are you basing your decisions, thoughts, actions etc. whatever it is and whatever it is about – where you might be cynical, sceptical or intrigued. Are you coming at it from a place of fear or love? For me this is the key to everything.  When we choose love, the obstacles begin to dissolve and magic happens, doors open, things shift and we move more freely.

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  1. Spend time really getting to know YOU and what YOU love about the world and yourself –  this will help you tune into what is yours and what is someone else’s or societies. By discovering the things that make you YOU, the things that bring YOU joy, in YOUR heart and in YOUR spirit, you can relax, feel confident and comfortable in YOUR own truth and authenticity.  Do more of the things that create JOY, Energy and LOVE inside of you and watch magic happen in your life.
  2. To find out where I’m stuck or in flow,  I listen to or follow the energy and sensations that things/ people /situations create in my body when I observe them.
  3. Don’t get weighed down by other peoples opinions, societies structures, formulas and stuck in comparison or triggered by fear – BE FREE to TRUST your own spirit, soul, intuition and path.
  4. Connect and collaborate with people – spend time with the people that YOU love, who LOVE & bring out the best in YOU and support YOU through your highs and lows and in achieving your goals and dreams. You know who they are.
  5. Determine if you are being guided by LOVE or by FEAR – and adjust actions / beliefs accordingly.

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First Published 2016/05/12