Let’s talk… Tarot, Spirit Guides, Angels and New Age Hipster with Vix

Originally from Australia now drinking a lot of decaf tea while living in Yorkshire, England, Vix is the creator of New Age Hipster.

New Age Hipster is more than just a website, it’s the idea that anyone can be spiritual. Whether you’re a corporate kind of chic, a student kickin’ it in Converse, a working Mom or a Stay at home Gypsy, everyone can connect with their intuition, chat with the Divine and live a magical life!

Meet Vix.

How has your own personal journey influenced your work and life choices? 

My personal journey has been very long and winding and I often wonder why the heck it took so long to get from where I started to where I am right now! I’ve been down many paths, but I know that even though at times it has seemed like I’ve been wondering aimlessly, I was always heading in the right direction. The trick is just to keep moving, even if you have no idea WTF you are doing with your life.

I’ve pursued many career paths over the years, from professional dancer to hotel housekeeper, Drama school student and special educational needs teacher and I’ve learned a hell of a lot from all of it. I got my first deck of tarot cards over ten years ago, and they’ve always been with me, helping me through tricky times, but I never imagined I’d be doing this as a real job! It’s bloody brilliant though. I’ve just always followed my path, whether I knew where I was going or not, and trusted my journey.

10997029_847457398668320_1101945357249977387_nWhat inspired you to create New Age Hipster and how did you get started? 

I was applying for a new teaching job and I bought a tarot reading off Etsy as I really needed some advice. The reading was terrible. The reader cut and pasted card definitions straight off the internet and the words she did type were full of typos and spelling mistakes, and on top of all that, the reading was totally inaccurate. I told one of my besties about it and she said “why are you even paying for readings when you can do it yourself?” It was the moment I realised that actually, I could do a hell of a lot better than the reading I’d just paid for! I did 100 free readings for randoms practicing and collecting feedback. When I finished I had 98% accuracy, and the other 2% were huge learning curves. So I opened up my Etsy store, and the rest, as they say, is history!

What does it really mean to be ‘spiritual’? 

For me being spiritual is about being free to believe in and follow any spiritual or religious path with love, light and without dogma. I love that I can talk to Jesus, hang out with Angels, read books about Buddha, dance with Faeries and then go and do some Numerology all in the same day! But really, I think spirituality is whatever it means to you. Maybe it’s just watching the sunset and being grateful for your life, you know?

Tell us about your love of Spirit Guides and Angels? Vix headshot

OMG I love them! Working with Guides and Angels is just so super easy. All you have to do is say – “hey guides, please can you help me out with this,” or “thanks Angels for helping me do this thing”. Spirit Guides are supposed to be spirits of people who had lives on Earth while Angels are said to never have had lives here, they’ve only hung out in the Angelic Realms. I’m not sure about that, because one of my main guides appears to me as a Native American woman with Angel wings and another one I’m pretty sure is some kind of Alien. I don’t think it matters who they are or where they’re from, as long as the energy is from love and light then it’s all good. Call them whatever you want, they seriously don’t mind. They told me “call us what you like, just call us”.

What could we expect from an intuitive reading with you?

My email readings are like a channelled download of messages from your Guides and Angels and my Skype or phone readings are pretty relaxed and informal, but full of golden nuggets of wisdom which I take no credit for personally, because it comes from your spiritual team. In a reading we can do whatever you want. You can ask me as many questions as you can in the time given, or we can look at one thing that’s happening in loads of detail. We can bust blocks, clear paths, pinpoint problems, identify past life issues, clear karma, find your life purpose, get you back on track, or just have a chat about woo woo stuff!

11693880_865693796844680_6441222615444224931_nWhat advice would you give to anyone wishing to get a bit more Woo Woo in their life? 

Follow your guidance. Read books that catch your eye. Subscribe to YouTube channels that resonate. Talk to your Guides, Angels, God, the Universe or whatever you want to call it, in the shower each morning. Do what feels good and works for you. Ignore what everyone else is doing and find your own path!

Oh and definitely keep your eyes out for my course – Woo Woo 101! It’s a spiritual boot camp for beginners and will cover a whole load of stuff for newbies, or anyone looking to learn more about all this spiritual stuff and how to make it all work for you.

What does Holistic living mean to you? 

It’s all about finding balance and giving love and attention to every part of your life. Having a decent work/life balance and cutting yourself a break if you screw it all up.

What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued? 

Interestingly enough the biggest cynics I’ve encountered since starting New Age Hipster are people in the spiritual community who don’t like the way I’m doing it. My message is really that anyone can be spiritual, everyone can have a connection to the divine (or whatever you want to call it!) and the angels hear us all! If you don’t want to be connected, that’s totally fine too. I believe everyone is on their own journey and we should remember that often, I know I need to! Haha!

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  1. Stop reading women’s magazines, unless it’s Psychologies or you need them for your vision board
  2. Write a gratitude list, of things you are grateful for about yourself!
  3. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful, even if you don’t believe it… at first!
  4. Find one place in your house that has flattering lighting for a selfie and take them often
  5. Put your own oxygen mask on first


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First Published 2015/09/05