Let’s talk…The Wellness Wonderland, Radical Authenticity and Making the World a Better Place with Katie Dalebout

Katie Dalebout’s authenticity shines. From the second I started watching one of her videos I instantly felt her glow. You know those people who you just think to yourself, “aw, they’re so lovely.”, well that is Katie.

Katie is an author, speaker, yoga teacher, social media butterfly, life-coach, podcast host and most importantly, mayor of The Wellness Wonderland.

Meet Katie Dalebout.


What can we hope to find in The Wellness Wonderland?

All things that make you feel good. I believe living in your version of WW-land is merely a state of mind where you are loving your life and acting accordingly in every moment. From what you wear, to what you eat, to who you hang out with.

What does radical authenticity mean to you?

To me radical authenticity is fearlessness. Being authentically who you are takes guts, especially at first. For many of us we spend our lives being what our parents wanted us to be or what we thought our friends wanted us to be but the funny thing is that all along all anyone ever wants for you is your authentic truth and everyone can smell from a mile away when you’re not being real.

Be Infinite.

How has your own personal journey influenced your work? katiedalebout-large-27

I believe everything I’ve gone through in my life has led me here to teach this work. The tools I teach I use, every single day. I’ve been through body-hate and feeling like I have no idea what I want to do with my life and zero clue what my life-purpose was, so I get what that feels like and I still fall into those old patterns from time to time the trick is that now I know how to shift my self out and it doesn’t take five years, it takes five minutes. That’s what I work on with my one-on-one clients and inspire in my blog, that we all have the capacity to change and when we’re ready we’ll be guided to the perfect blog post, instagram account or coach to help us shift our mindset. I’m now so grateful for every part of my journey even the really tough stuff because it is where I teach from now. Everything in life is either good or if it’s not good in the moment it’s good later and there is a lesson to be learned.

How do you hope your work will help others?

katiedalebout-large-20I do what I do because the more people who are living in their Wellness Wonderlands, the closer the planet is to becoming one itself. I work to inspire people though the internet and in person classes but mostly one by one getting people into their WW-Land through coaching. I use my proven Wellness Wonderland 11 Life Areas Method to get you living at 10, meaning even if specific life circumstances cause you to feel like a 5, my method allows you to shift your mindset to live at a 10 and become the happiness person in every room you walk into. This is powerful because we work together to become a little fleet of light-workers brightening up rooms across the world, as a result making the world a better place.

Making the world brighter starts and ends with sparking your own personal light. You can’t give what you don’t already have, so in our coaching together, we will unblock you and help you discover and unleash your authentic life purpose. I am the plumber who comes into your life to see areas where you are stuck and help open them to allow your desires to flow through. We use your desires as road signs guiding us into your pure authentic state of pleasure and bliss, which is your unique Wellness Wonderland.

Be Inspired.

What, or who, are you grateful for right now?

Such a great question. I’m grateful for my family for inspiring me and letting me know anything is possible. I’m also so grateful for my mentors and all the spiritual teachers that have come before me that I look to for guidance and I’m grateful they’ve lived full lives and shown me what is possible when I release my personal blocks and unleash my full potential in this work. I’m especially grateful for my main mentor Gabby Bernstein who inspired me on this path and is writing the foreword to my forthcoming book!katiedalebout-large-222

What does Holistic living mean to you?

Holistic to me is not leaving anything out and knowing deep down that all areas of your life are connected. It is not enough to simply go to the gym to be healthy or just to eat healthy, rather you need to manage your stress and your sleep and your relationships…all of it!

What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?

To give it a try! Just try one day to shift your thoughts to positive and see how it goes. If they were still sceptical I would say, how well is what you’re currently doing working for you? Is that making you happy?

Be well.

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  1. Be gentle with yourself. If you mess up or fall off your path, in the moment snap out of it and get back on track rather than saying, “oh well I’ve already messed up this much might as well keep going.” Because what that does is makes it more difficult for you to come back.
  2. Listen to your body. Our bodies innately know everything they need to know so listen to their natural rhythms and cycles, trust when they’re tired, hungry, sad and act accordingly.
  3. Chase Pleasure: When you make any decision do it from a place of pleasure and ask yourself, “would this bring me pleasure?”, and if it would then do it and if not don’t. It’s as simple as that, we just make it complicated because most of us are devoid of pleasure.
  4. Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece, Your Life is. Stop chasing a body you want and start loving the one you’ve got until it becomes both what you want and what you have.
  5. Write- you have to feel your feelings to be able to release them and for me I don’t know what I’m feeling or thinking unless I’m writing. Journalling is the most consistently self-loving thing I do for myself (also, the topic of my upcoming book!)

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