Let’s Connect.

When I was ill I felt like I did not belong anywhere. I felt like a stranger amongst friends, and an outsider amongst strangers. Making connections felt impossible.

Feeling that disconnected is painful. I would have done anything not to live in that lonely place.


Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection  ~ Brené Brown

To really feel connected we need to be our true selves. When I was ill I was fragmented without any idea of who I was. It stood to reason that making those precious connections was an impossible task.

Once I begun to heal and slowly recover I started to find my way back to authenticity. As I slowly learned to get to know, and then show the world, the real me, I opened myself up to being vulnerable.

Only when I started to connect to my true self could I begin to learn how it feels to connect to others. It takes time but we all have the ability to feel connected.

Are you prepared to reveal the real you?

I have now acknowledged that even though I pretty much like everyone (with about seven exceptions in my lifetime), I will not necessarily truly connect with everyone.

As you open up to becoming authentic, and allow yourself to be vulnerable, you will naturally gravitate to those who you really, truly connect with.

We all need to belong. To feel that we fit in. To find our place in the world.

Have you found yours?