Being a Lightworker. Being Human.

At the weekend my soul-sister-love-of-my-life, my dear friend Fiona, and I met for our #SparkleSession (aka business and passion project planning). We spent an hour talking about the work which we do and our beliefs. We discussed her new cards. We talked through being magic, our practices and things we can improve on. We then spoke about those in the field who aren’t necessary as genuine as they could be.

  • The Health Guru who actually isn’t as healthy as they make out.
  • The Coach who is scared to support others, as they fear losing their competitive edge
  • The individual who says the right words but whose actions say something else.


Because we are all just human.

We all eat crap sometimes.

We all put our own interests first sometimes.

We can all be dicks sometimes.

No matter where our individual spiritual practice may be, we are all fallible. The important thing is that we, as individuals, recognise this. Don’t you think?


Right now I could not LOVE Vix (aka New Age Hipster) anymore. It is just not humanly possible.

Although I’m am pretty certain she still farts & swears like the rest of us, the girl is on fire.

Vix is one of THE most genuine, sparkly bods out there shining her light. As if her #highvibejuly instachallenge hasn’t sent enough sparks flying through my days, today I read her article ‘What is a lightworker?’.


A lightworker is just anyone who wants to make a difference and wants to make the world better.


Thank you Vix.

Being a lightworker is about helping others, helping the planet and basically being a nice person.

I literally couldn’t have put it any better, even if I scratched my ditsy head ALL day

Ta Da. Love it.

Does this resonate with you?

For me, you don’t need to hang out with Angels or know your Spirit Animals to appreciate this sentiment. But, it’s cool if you do.

You may not even believe in WooWoo, like my partner e.g. (each to their own, right)

Fiona gave such a good example at the weekend of a friend of hers who also did not identify with being spiritual in the slightest. However, he LOVED being in nature. In fact, the exhilaration he experienced in nature was what some of us would identify as being a spiritual experience.

We attach words and meaning really easily. And, often these things are open to interpretation. You need to find what works for you AND accept that it is not what necessarily works for everyone.

In these times where darkness seeps through our social media, TV screens and neighbourhoods it becomes ever more important that we spread the light.

We each have a responsibility to work on our own shadows, but we equally all have the fundamental right to spread the light, and to be the change.


Help others.

Help the planet.

Be a nice person.

Ready. Steady. GO!