What A Difference A Year Makes.

Last year I wrote about Living with Mental Illness. I realise now it takes time to understand that life isn’t just high and lows. It is in the spaces in between where I have found what living really is.

So this is me. Here. Now. Life is so good. I am happier than I ever imagined I could be.

Family life is amazing. I am getting married. We have our little Furbaby, Twiggy. My friends continue to be the best. I love my job (most days). I have almost hit 8000 words of my book (exciting).Β My Passion Project, lights me up #SparkleSessions. My spiritual practice is now embedded in my days ~Β it includes over 50% gratitude practice!

I have a happy home, a healthy heart, and huge amounts of gratitude for the gifts life keeps giving me.

My happiness in pictures…