The Body Coach: Cycle One. My story so far.

At the end of last year I found myself once again pushing maximum density and generally feeling yuk, and that wasn’t even the result of the obligatory Christmas binge. A friend recommended The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks.

I should tell you first that this is not a tale of a miraculous transformation. They’ll be no inspirational, breath-taking before and after photos I’m afraid. (If that is what you wish to see then visit Joe’s Instagram Page)

You may have seen Joe on tele. Social Media Mastermind and inspirational Fat Fighter. Known as The Body Coach to his 834k followers (probably even more by the time you read this) Joe is an online nutrition coach and creator of the 90 Day SSS Plan which has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world! Amazing right?

Body Coach 2

1 degree in sports science

5 years as a personal trainer

3 years as an online nutrition coach

50,000+ client transformations

(I should probably drop in his book is out NOW!)body coach 1

Having seen his Instagram and the results he has achieved how could I possibly not go for it.

So off I went tape measure in hand, crawling reluctantly towards the scales. For the price of £149 for 3 months (or £50 a month) you also need to photo yourself in your undies, wobbly bits n’ all. Great.

Once you have submitted your deets within 5 days you’ll be contacted by one of Joe’s gang, who will send you a personalised plan for food and exercise. Bish. Bash. Bosh.

Some very important things to note at this stage. Before beginning the plan I had accepted that preparation was going to be key and I was going to have to make an effort. Not only that but I needed to get my partner on board to ensure I had the support. I was on the brink of becoming vegetarian however watching my vegetarian boyfriend live off pizza and pasta wasn’t very inspiriting, particularly when I felt like a fattypuff slug already.

So, plan in one hand, boyfriend in the other, I was ready to begin.

Joe’s philosophy to health and fitness is simple. Fuel your body with lots of food and concentrate on correctly timing your macronutrients to ensure your body burns fat, increases in energy and transforms you into the shape of your life.

What is the 90 Day SSS Plan?

The Plan consists of 3 cycles, one per month. It is the UK’s number one tailored online fat loss plan. You will be eating more food, training less and (allegedly) burning fat for fun. It’s for boys and girls of all levels of fitness who want to get fit, burn fat and build lean muscle.

  • 3 innovative, time saving training plans which can be carried out at home or the gym
  • 3 tailored nutrition plans to perfectly match your body’s individual energy demands
  • Your very own dedicated support coach hero available on email whenever you need them
  • Over 150 set recipes and 100’s of ingredient combinations using my Pick ‘N’ Mix Principle. This makes it perfect for the fussy eater as you only eat the foods you love!
  • You will get to eat foods like protein pancakes, build up bagels, cashew curries, cheesy pastas and many more – because a happy meal plan is a sustainable meal plan!
  • Recommended supplement (optional) guide with discount codes

This is not a traditional low calorie deprivation diet. It’s an education in fat loss, nutrition and macronutrients where you eat more food than ever and spend less time in the gym.

I am now about to submit photos, weight and measurements before I embark on the next cycle. So, how has it been for me?

I have really enjoyed it but I will be honest and say that I have not stuck to it 100%. However, I have had the following successes:

  • I feel a zillion times better.
  • I have established an early morning yoga practice which I love. (Erm, not part of the plan but awesome anyway.)
  • My boyfriend and I have established a varied, healthy diet with a whole new repertoire of recipes.
  • I am now 100% vegetarian.
  • I have lost weight. (not as much as some but I don’t care as I feel a zillion times better.)
  • We have discovered a whole new world of raw food. (Erm, not part of the plan but awesome anyway.)
  • I have more energy.
  • My arms definitely have more shape already.
  • My snoring has improved.
  • I really enjoy HIIT. (although I may not being doing the recommended 4-5 sessions a week)
  • I feel more comfortable in my clothes.
  • My skin has improved dramatically.
  • I have a regular eating pattern.


These may not be the transformational photos some may be after however for me, I could not have asked for more.

Cheers Joe.

Rock on Cycle Two!

Body Coach 7