The Glow Guides: Ready. Steady. Get Glowing!

I was super excited to hear that the lovely Madeleine Shaw has launched the Glow Guides, an eight-week holistic transformational program, aiming to get users fit in mind, body and spirit.

The Glow Guides will focus you on embracing how you feel, rather than how you look. You will be provided with the tools and knowledge to enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle long after the eight weeks have ended.

2015_10_30_Glow_Guides15616-1100x825For me, real transformation starts from within so not only does the programme focus on exercise and diet, but it also allows you to take time out to still and strengthen your mind through meditation – which I think makes it totally different from all the other programmes out there.

The app is packed full of yoga videos, strength and cardio workout videos, meal plans, exclusive recipes, audio meditations, a Glow Kit shop, live streaming, direct messaging, events and lots, lots more.

Sounds amazing right?

Move, Munch and Meditate.

The Glow Guides provides you with daily access to your own personal trainer, life coach, and nutritionist. The program is video, audio and PDF based so accessible for all. It includes daily strength and cardio workouts led by renowned personal trainer Shona Vertue, yoga classes and meditations led by Madeleine, seven-day recipe plans and exclusive new recipes. What more could you want?




The Glow Guides movement programme is all about breath, strength, stability and agility, with the yoga sessions helping to relieve tension, connect with your inner self and attain that sense of bliss!

Of course if you want to follow the Glow Guides Programme and access ALL meal plans, recipes, videos, meditations and Madeleine’s live streams you will need to purchase the content in the app for a one-time fee of £49.99.

The recipes are super simple and of course delicious, not to mention beautifully photographed, so all you need to do is follow the meal plan and enjoy the glowing benefits. You can also find all the recipes in the Munch section on the app if you want to construct your own meal plan.

The good news is that before committing you can have a look at the free content in the folder called ‘Preview Content’, and if you like what you see then you can buy the 8-week programme and get Glowing!


I wanted to create a Glow community that is by your side, always – cheering you on, picking you up when you’re tired or frustrated and making sure you don’t give up!

Each week the app will feature:

  • One introductory video outlining key goals for the week
  • Two strength and cardio-based workout videos with detailed PDF movement plans led by Shona Vertue
  • Relaxing and restorative yoga videos led by Madeleine Shaw
  • One daily meditation audio led by Madeleine
  • One complete meal plan for the week, with accompanying recipes, created by Madeleine and all dietician-approved

Glow Guides is currently available for download and purchase in the Apple Store.

Are you ready to get the glow?