(Ode to) 2015

I begun 2015 a single, almost homeless, bus-stop-wanker. I am ending the year rather differently.

Good things come to those who wait?

No. Good things come and go. Bad things come and go. It really is how you face them that really matter.

In a split second you can have something wonderful, or nothing at all.

Life is hard work.

Life is a lesson learnt everyday.

I spent many years in search mode. Looking for myself, for love, to feel complete, happy, and searching for so much more. This year I found stability, and I couldn’t ask for more.


2015 has had its highs and lows. I have met incredible people, and a few I would rather forget. I have grown as a person, and I have had a lot of fun.

I lost all my confidence at work for a period and I worked hard to reclaim it. Anxiety knocked me for six and I faced it head on. I met someone and fell in love. For the first time ever I saved. I bought my first car (let’s hope I pass my test). I accepted more things than I could list.

I stopped searching.

Not everyone will like you. Things won’t be good all the time. There will always be something you want. There will always be things you want to get rid of and change. Someone will always have it better. Someone will always have it worse.

imageTime will keep ticking away. The trick is to stay in those moments. Feel what you feel. Learn from everything. And, have lots and lots of fun.

Accept. Things are just as they should be.

2015 Taught Me:

  • Speak up and people will listen and be there for you.
  • Life is definitely a state of mind.
  • Stay focused. Stand still when needed. Never forget how far you have come.
  • Trust yourself, even when those around you have their doubts.
  • Patience is hard work.
  • Stop people pleasing, start putting You first.
  • Saving money feels amazing!
  • When you meet the right person, you know.
  • Things happen when they need to.
  • Every year I grow more ditsy.
  • My mum actually is Supermum.
  • The news is sad and painful but we can all only do so much individually.
  • Being different ain’t so bad.
  • I may love my job but I shouldn’t let it consume me.
  • Online dating is worth it and you can meet someone who will sweep you of your feet, be your best friend, and love you so much you may burst.
  • As I say goodbye to my fifth year since diagnosis I still can’t find enough thank you’s to all those who have supported me.
  • You are never too old to colour in.


What has 2015 taught you?