Coming Soon: International Day of Happiness

What REALLY makes us happy?

Advertisers tell us that happiness comes from buying and consuming their products. Celebrities and the media pretend it comes with beauty & fame. Politicians claim that nothing matters more than growing the economy. But what does the latest happiness research show?


The Ten Keys to Happier Living are based on an extensive review of the latest findings from the science of wellbeing. They are all areas which research shows tend to make a big difference to our happiness and are within our control.


20 March 2015 

This AWESOME campaign is a global celebration to mark the United Nations International Day of Happiness. It is coordinated by Action for Happiness, a non-profit movement of people from 160 countries, supported by a partnership of like-minded organisations. Cool, huh.

As we know (and love), a profound shift in attitudes is underway all over the world. Hooray!

We live in a time where we are unable to escape the worst in the world, as it is thrown in our faces every single day, and that is on top of our own individual problems. Finally, people are now recognising that ‘progress’ should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing, not just growing the economy.

The Story so far…


For the very first International Day of Happiness in 2013, events took place all over the world and we celebrated hundreds of “Happy Heroes” – those people in our communities who do so much to bring happiness to others.


The 2014 Day of Happiness campaign asked people to share authentic images of what makes them happy to “Reclaim Happiness” back from the fake commercial images of happiness that we are so often bombarded with. Many tens of thousands of people shared images and the social reach was estimated to be over 13 million people globally. WOW!


20 March 2015 

After years of happiness research, one thing has proved fundamental the importance of our connections with other people. Yet modern societies are built as if the opposite was true. We are surrounded by people, yet we feel genuinely connected to almost none of them. The effects are devastating.

For this year’s International Day of Happiness let’s reach out and make new connections with others.

What can you do?

  1. Taken Action Yourself ~  Boost the connections in your life, from spotting other’s strengths and needs, to volunteering your time and energy.
  2. Share Something Positive with Others ~ The internet is a fantastic tool for helping good ideas spread. get involved online
  3. Join Happiness Activists in Action ~ Happiness Activists all over the world are planning great things to more create positive connections – join them, or be inspired to start your own

Do you want to create more happiness in the world around you?

Click here to get involved and help make the world a happier place!

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will  never forget how you made them feel ~ Maya Angelou 


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