Let’s talk…Be Here Nowish with Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo

Be Here Nowish is a new comedy by Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo about two sexually progressive New York gals who ditch their down-and-out lives for LA in search of a spiritual awakening.  

The show is a fresh portrayal of a generations exploration of sexuality and spirituality with its ups, downs and sheer absurdities. The show oozes panache and charisma, and it’s fucking funny, to boot. 

Meet Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite.


How have your own personal journeys influenced your work?  

They have.  They are very intertwined!  In Be Here Nowish our characters go to a plant medicine ceremony together and that’s something we did together before we even began writing BHN.  

So, Be Here Nowish; what’s it all about and how did you get it off the ground?  

It’s a web show, 10 episodes all online!  Watch them here.  We created it together with the help of our friends and a Kickstarter campaign.

The Synopsis: SAM (Alexandra Roxo) and NINA (Natalia Leite) make their livings in New York City as a dating consultant and drug delivery gal, respectively, barely scraping by. Though Sam consults with guys about their dating skills, her own aren’t so hot. Nina delivers prescription pills to eccentric clients, refusing to commit to anything in life, including a girlfriend. The two become friends after an awkward meet-up and become even closer when both their lives independently start to fall apart. When Nina tells Sam about her plans to meet a highly recommended guru-shaman in Los Angeles, Sam desperately piggybacks on it in the hopes of also inspiring transformation for herself. But in Los Angeles the two are faced with a tug-of-war between their old selves and the new spiritual circle they partake of. They undergo spiritual bootcamp, have their first plant medicine ceremony, and are forever changed and faced with a different future than they’d ever dreamed of. 

BHN2What are the key messages you wanted to get out there?  

It’s about exploration, curiosity and being on “the search” in a crazy/chaotic world.  We wanted people to relate to what it’s like to be between two worlds: wanting to stay home ad meditate but also wanting to have fun, go out.  The constant search for balance.

What does 2015 mean for sexuality and spirituality?  

Growth, change, expansion!  So many beautiful and interesting changes happening and we always want out work to reflect those.

And for you?  

For us, it’s the same.  We’ve been spiritual seekers since our teen years.   Same with sexuality.   

What does Holistic living mean to you?  BHN3

It’s about seeing the whole picture!  We def aren’t experts on holistic living but this chick Organic Olivia is!  Check out her blog we love it!  

What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?  

It doesn’t hurt to try, to learn, to explore.  Even if you just get one little nugget of truth, that’s something. 

Finally, what are your top three tips for self-love? 

  1. Meditate so you can shut off that judgey voice in your head.   
  2. Let negative thoughts pass through you but don’t hold onto them.  Judging one’s self and beating yourself up is so 1990’s. 
  3. Put yourself first.  Over your family.  Your significant other.  Your work.  Make sure you’re taking care of you. 


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