Digital Detox, could I?

January Facebook status would have read:

Fixed a toilet, am now DIY Goddess

Read a book

Living Home Alone. Hope I don’t get eaten by Alsatians, become a Celine Dion fan or injure myself with epic power grabs.

Squatted with 40kg. I rock!

Read a magazine that didn’t include glossy pictures/gossip/fat celebs/thin celebs/and other people who mean nothing to me

Bought weightlifting shoes. I love them. #ShoePorn

I love Taylor Swift.

Lost half a stone in three weeks, feel amazing

Read another book

Wine and dairy free for a whole month. Who am I? #BringBackTheCheese

But it didn’t, and I don’t think the world even noticed. The best part was, neither did I.

What can only be described as my best month in a long, long time was Facebook free. I bloody loved it. I didn’t miss a thing. In that month only one person, who I don’t speak to on a regular basis, messaged me to check I was okay, as they hadn’t seem much of me on Facebook. Telling, right?

I saw and spoke to the people that really matter day to day. I focused on myself. Brené Brown taught me about the power of vulnerability, I grew. I became more present. I listened, like REALLY listened. Kristen Neff taught me about self compassion, I grew some more. My attention improved. I gained so much time from not pissing around online.  I focused on myself even more.

I felt more connected to others than I had in ages. Ironic, right, considering the tagline reads “Stay Connected.” Facebook lies and has built its billions on that lie. Pretty darn impressive.

Rather than look into the window of the lives of others I lived my own life, appreciating those people who are in my ‘real’ life. From the best friends & family I love, to my awesome colleagues who I laugh the days away with each week. It really hit me how fucking lucky I am. Why on earth would I want to spend hours a week in the fake world online when everything I really need is right in front of me?

I went outside more. Cardio, weights and yoga become my best buddies. I felt better and better day by day. My diet improved. I surrounded myself in flowers, incense sticks and wise words. I felt content.

I love taking photos but what is on Instagram or Facebook pales into insignificance against what is in my memory. That’s where the real treasure lies. I don’t need to share my life with the world, its moments are priceless and perfect just the way they are. No validation needed. I know how awesome my life is without being told, and for that I am beyond grateful.

I have met so many incredible people online but nothing beats spending time with them in person or reading a real book absorbing life-changing words. I love Google, it knows everything. But, I survived without it. (although not Google Maps, risk assessment said that had to stay in my life).

Emails, well, I could cry thinking about the number of hours I have wasted checking them everyday for years. Once a week could have turned into once a month and I don’t think the world would have ended. Praise be to Unroll Me.

Digital detox, I could. Best decision I have made in like, erm, forever. Do it! Stay real. Be present. Enjoy it!

Digital Detox, could you?






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