Let’s talk… Prowl Magazine, and Being Human & Mind Independent with Lisa Luxx

As soon as I heard her spoken word it was love. Anyone who tells it how it is and uses the word cunt correctly and so freely gets my vote straight off.

Plus, check out this list of totally sparkly awesomeness:

Preditor-in-Chief of PROWL. Published poet and artist. Writer for Sunday Times, Telegraph, Elle, Red, Tank, The Numinous and more. Founded Prowl magazine and Prowl House in a move to put positive and honest media into the world that celebrates what it is to be liberated and compassionate human beings. Doing so by forming an annex for the independent, radical movements of now.

Redefining Today with sexy, sassy splendour. Meet Lisa Luxx.

Lisa Luxx by Marco Zaffino

Tell us about Prowl Magazine

Prowl is the independent print publication for the post-net counter cultures. Provocative, radical and spiritual. We celebrate what it is to be human beings in a world full of machines. The artists and brands we feature are all independent. Most of the people profiled are folks I’ve encountered while knocking about as a psychedelic punk poet on both the underground and highly up-town creative scenes (hence why it’s a place that unites everyone from poetry brothel performers to Yoko Ono via Suki Waterhouse and the mad squatter of London). With Prowl I hope to encapsulate the energy amongst the independent renaissance at this poignant moment in history. I’m very inspired by Oz magazine too.

I’d worked for big national newspapers and magazines in the past and felt there was a real gap in the market for honesty. So I began Prowl as an opportunity to print all the voices and ideas that are otherwise censored or shut up. We do it all very visually, with a textured cover, pull out art work and pages of sheet music too so that the publication has a feel, sound and dynamic sight. I want it to engage with peoples senses as much as possible.

How has your own personal journey influenced your work?

Prowl started as a zine called Howl which I put together when I was supposed to be handing essays in at uni. It collated work from all the radical creatives within my circle. I went on to land top class jobs at the most recognisable publications in the UK and that’s where I learnt the skills to put together a magazine. I dropped out at the start of 2013 and went on a solo and independent digital detox 3 month road trip across the west coast of America. It was a chance to re-introduce myself to the present moment after being hooked to my mobile phone since I was 10 years old. The people I met through yakkety yakking with strangers on the streets and joining underground poetry gathering outside subway stations formed the pilot issue. That trip hugely inspired the lurch forward with Prowl and we had it created and distributed across England before the year was out.

How does your work help others?

I regularly get e-mails from different places all over the world, people saying they picked up Prowl in a shop and want to be part of the movement, or customers thanking me for putting these products out into the world which make them feel hope and safety in the fact that there is some force fighting the man in a peaceful and enlightened way that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Lisa LuxxMy poetry had elicited responses from women who have been so moved and empowered by my pro-sex feminism spoken word that they’ve been crying or cheering from utter love for their cunt! Others find my poetry inspires them to revolt, digital detox or love/feel/live/believe louder and more brazenly than they’ve done so before. It’s a pretty fucking awesome feeling to get these responses. I really believe if I can plant one seed of light in one human every day then I’ll live a fulfilled life with purpose.

What it is to be human; expressive, mind independent and “badly behaved today?

To create and express oneself in a non-virtual reality, to make art just for the sake of exploring the imagination you are lucky enough to have access to. To think for yourself and fight for what you believe in because if we all declare our independence the world will be such a rich and dynamic place to live. Don’t be fed decisions masked as choices – which university do you want to go to? You don’t have to go to any! Go learn the skills you need from a sorcerer in South America or sweet talk your way into your dream office and charm them into teaching you everything you need to learn. How much rent are you willing to pay? Fuck it, don’t pay rent, live in a squat or dog-sit regularly for a place to stay! Where shall we go drinking this weekend? Don’t go drinking, go foresting with your buddies or build a den or brew your own poison … you don’t need to spend money or drink booze to have fun and you don’t need to live conventionally to do it “successfully”. As for the badly behaved, it’s simple; don’t follow the rules that don’t work. People are perfectly capable of policing themselves but we have this stupid governmental system which gives middle-age, wealthy white men the opportunity to build the tracks on which we ride our train of life. Life is sacred, trust your human instincts to navigate your way through it rather than under the instruction of figure-heads who’ll never even know you existed.

Why do you believe the counter culture isn’t over?

There has never been more to counter, and in the age of aquarius after the outpouring of indigo light there’s no way the millions of people who are waking up to the universal truths are going to sit quietly.

2015 will be the year of…?

The wooden sheep! I think. A grounding year, earthy and soft. This is the year I’ll be putting out my directorial debut – I’m in production with my first poetry short film (about indigo’s and love called Wake Up/Indigo Love) – but also spending much time in deserts and caves working on a new poetry project. This will, hopefully, be a good year for incubating. Ready to launch wild in 2016 – the year of the fire monkey (!!!!)headshot by Olivia Sykes

What does Holistic living mean to you?

Treating your body and mind as the source of light which projects the feelings, moments and physical responses that make up your existence. Living holistically is about keeping that channel of light clear so that the light of your existence has clarity and thus reaches its full potential.

What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?

Why be a lit match when you could be a Catherine wheel?

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  • Digital detox. Turn your phone off at least an hour before bed and don’t turn it on again until you’ve showered, eaten and connected with yourself first in the morning.
  • Mindfulness. It’s everywhere right now and not for no reason. Let go of the authority in your voice that judges your thoughts, give space to conscious day dream, learn to respect the flow of ideas in your mind, regularly scan your body to get a solid picture of how exactly you’re feeling right now.
  • Play. Play a game alone or with friends. Using your imagination, thinking on your feet, being silly and experimenting with your free time are all excellent ways to liberate yourself.
  • Masturbate regularly. Orgasms are so important. Take yourself on the perfect date, spend lots of time in front of the mirror checking out all the things that make you damn sexy, light candles, play your favourite music and get tantric with yourself.
  • Dance. Too sleepy to meditate without snoozing? Time to start grooving. Become who you want to be through movement and explore the way you fill space.

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