Mental Health ~ How can YOU help

Universal issues require a unified solution. Surprise!

7 people have died waiting for beds since 2012 due to alleged failures by the UK National Health Service. Clearly something must be done the news screams, as they continue to finger point in anger. Is the Beeb’s article today that much of a shocker? What is more of a concern is that not once do they attempt to address any form of a solution. There are no links to support available or advice, only routes to more damning articles. How does that help the issue?

The NHS, and anyone else we wish to criticise today, are only human. As my mum wisely said when I stood crying over my first broken heart, we are all fallible darling, no one is perfect. So, it stands to reason that collectively we are a fucking liability. Throw into the mix political agendas and money, well, there’s no hope.

I too am guilty of taking my frustrations out on the NHS, the service and support isn’t acceptable. But, what improvement does ranting make? Nurses won’t be paid what they deserve, people will still suffer and fingers will continue to point. Then we can do it all again tomorrow folks.

I was going to dazzle and depress you with suicide figures, what’s the point. We need to change it, not dwell on it.

The only statistic you really need to know is that today approximately 25% of the people you come into contact with will suffer with mental health issues. Fact. The question we should all be asking ourselves is, “What can I do to help?”

Let me ask you this, would you rather look a complete tit saying the wrong thing, or say nothing at all? Do you really want to finger point and remain part of the problem, or, help to be part of the solution? Time is too precious guys, and we’re all worth more than media manipulation and playing silly buggers.

So, what can you do?

  • Talk. Numero uno error; silence is avoidance. Whether you yourself are suffering or you know someone who is, just talk.
  • It really is the little things. The smallest of actions can make the biggest difference.
  • You’re not expected to be an expert, and if you have never experienced mental health issues then you couldn’t/shouldn’t be expected to know much about them. If you’ve never broken a leg or had the flu then you wouldn’t know how that feels, would you.
  • It is often awkward. Accept the discomfort, it will become easier but you have to start somewhere.
  • Simply remind someone you care. Just receiving a text saying “Thinking of you.” can mean the world to someone.
  • Try not to act as if you are talking to someone with two heads, that’s just silly.
  • Sometimes space is best. If you are confronted by a wall when trying to talk to someone then take a step back. Continue to check-in with them and give them time.
  • Know when to seek further advice. Never put pressure on yourself or feel overwhelmed. Check out the further links below, consult your GP or talk to a friend/family member.
  • Simply ask someone what you can do and how you can help. We’re all different and very few of us are psychic .
  • Take on an initiative in your workplace. Education is key! Mind’s taking care of business campaign aims to assist employers and employees in tackling issues surrounding mental health at work.  
  • Campaign. Raise awareness and influence policy. Your voice counts, use it!

You are not alone.

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