Let’s talk…Mind and Body Coaching with Kim Ingleby

Folks, prepare to be dazzled. If Superwoman exists, here she is.

Life Fitness Global Award Winning Trainer, Team GB Sports Therapist & Master NLP & Hypnotherapist

Coach, Presenter, Writer, Charity Adventurer (£37k Raised), Model, Athlete

Founded Energised Performance UK Ltd & Energised Business (2004)

Brand Ambassador Sweaty Betty, Shock Absorber, Mizuno.

(She also happens to be super lovely.)

Your Potential. Unlocked.

Meet Kim Ingleby.


Mind Body Coaching, what’s it all about?

Good question! It’s about giving someone the tools to become really fit, in their body and their mind. To boost their confidence to believe that they can achieve their goals, to become fit, strong and body confident, to develop positive self esteem, self worth and belief, to eat good, fresh food. Above all to stop self sabotage, and kick ass in life, whilst enjoying the journey.

Credit: Second Street Child Sierra Leone
Credit: Second Street Child Sierra Leone

What lead you to become a charity ambassador?

I think it’s really important to always give back, in business and in life. I aim to do a personal challenge every couple of years that’s extreme and challenging, to raise money for a great cause, to explore a part of the world that is pretty remote and hopefully to inspire others to really believe, anything is possible. Since I founded Energised we have raised over £37,000, and we sponsor two children through Plan UK. My latest adventures involved running a marathon with Sam Branson as part of the Strive Challenge, and completing the Sierra Leone Marathon and working with Street Child. Humbling, inspiring and thought provoking.

How has your own personal journey influenced your work?

Credit: Vince Starr
Credit: Vince Starr

Without a doubt, and I think being open and real helps people to know that you can relate and empathise with them. I always say I’ve had the most diverse background and learned from all sorts of challenges from bullying, body image and extreme shyness, to meningitis, kidney near failure drowning whist jumping into water on a horse, a beef worm growing in my head from Belize, to most recently learning to manage neuro weils encephalitis. I’ve learned how important self worth, belief and respect is for the foundation of achieving and enjoying anything in life. Who know’s what is next but my personal experience, plus my commitment and desire to keep progressing my professional knowledge makes the road ahead exciting.

How does your work help others?

In a number of ways depending on the individual and their goals. I’ve worked with complex GP referral cases and children with body confidence issue, to Team GB athletes who competed at Athens, Beijing, London and now heading to Rio and beyond. I’ve worked with celebrities for individual challenges and tours from Strictly Come Dancing to Comedians on Tour. The tools work with anyone and often the ‘problems’ are the same be that for a child aged 6 to a high profile media client, the implementation is just different. Being able to give someone the tools and support to realise they can change, and even if its tough, it’s possible, is exciting, rewarding and I feel very lucky to be able to be a tiny part of someones life for a period of positive change.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears ~ Nelson Mandela

Award Winning Brand Ambassador, Writer, Fitness Model, Athlete & Coach…what’s next on the cards?

Credit: Scott Phillipson Photography
Credit: Scott Phillipson Photography

First up is to regain my full health and strength, without a doubt from the neuro weils encephalitis aggressive month of treatment. I’m working on updated and refreshing our websites and branding to make them really mobile and accessible with lots of online tools for people to access anywhere in the World. These will include our Signature programmes, Mental Strength, Inside Out Confidence & Be Energised Tri & Run. I have a Mag Book out with Women’s Fitness in December this year, along with a couple more in the pipeline. I’m looking for my next adventure and exploration, so all suggestions at this point are super welcome. I’ve just finished my year’s writing with Ultrafit magazine, so I’m planning a column I would love to write regularly for another magazine. And finally, I’m enjoying relaxing, taking photographs, mixing up recipes and having fun in life. Balance is the key, and time to just be is really important, especially switching everything off and enjoying the moments.

What does Holistic living mean to you?

Balance, Time, Awareness, Self Respect, Good Food, Movement, Rest, Trust, Courage, Fun, Learning, Growth & Happiness.

Credit: Great South Run with Iwan Thomas
Credit: Great South Run with Iwan Thomas

What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?

The cynics, sceptics and intrigued are all totally welcome, I think it’s a good thing. It’s important to be challenged, to learn and to be really clear on your own values and brand. Not everything will work for everyone, yet someone being unsure is good. I give everyone a full interview before working with them, to make sure they are ready, they want to commit to change and I am the right person to work with them, it has to work on both sides and the tools are flexible for each persons goals.

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  • Learn self respect, worth (and in time self love) Be kind to yourself each day, celebrate something you are proud of – don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Give yourself a kick when you are stuck in self sabotage or limiting thoughts, notice them and start to move away from them, train your brain differently – it’s not helpful to always limit yourself
  • Feed your body good food and your mind good thoughts
  • Move your body daily, breathe deeply and develop good posture
  • Take a little time out each day, 10 minutes, no phones or anything. Reflect, refine and refocus where you are at. Then take a moment to tell one person how they add value to your life

Find a little sparkle and laughter each day x