An Education

Expect the unexpected, isn’t that what they say?

Before I left to come travelling I was at breaking point. Work had worn me down more than ever before. I had kept myself so busy with the routine of life I had lost perspective on what was really important. I buried my head in the sand in order not to face certain truths.



Sometimes we outgrow our goals and misplace our priorities, it’s just not so easy to see it until you step back. Sometimes we realise only too late.

I wanted the cliché. To come away and find myself. I was mistaken. I didn’t need to find what was right in front of me, I just needed the mirrors that this time away has put before me.image

I have seen so many incredible things so far on this trip, too many to put into words. Everyday I have been reminded how fucking big and beautiful this world is. The one consistent thing is people. Everywhere we go they all have phones, even up in the highest mountains. From the biggest chauvinist pig (ever) to the kindest couple filled with excitement for the arrival of their first child, and everyone in betweeimagen. People are all the same wherever you go. Amazing.

It makes you appreciate those around you that much more. Past, present and future.

I thought I was really strong but now I realise I was just faking. No one is as strong as I have been perceived. The truth is we do our best, sometimes we get it wrong. The important thing is to accept the consequences of our actions, and as a wise and beautiful friend keeps reminding me, ask yourself this:

What have I learnt from this? What has it taught me?

The lessons I have learnt so far have been:

Life is an experience, and the experience is a lesson. What we take away from it is up to us.
I didn’t need to come half way around the world for an adventure, I am living it everyday.
I have made decisions for the wrong reasons.image
I really did break my own heart.
I needed time and space to reassess my goals and priorities.
Sometimes you’re so desperate for a wee you can go behind a bus, in the middle of the motorway, piss on yourself and not care. Degrading? Yes.
You can give the perception that all is well when the reality is the exact opposite.
Work should never consume you as much as it has me.
When you have had a really shit 24 hours the most basic of rooms is a palace.
The kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze me.
Real gratitude rocks you to the core.
Authenticity isn’t always easy. We often forget who we are, don’t accept who we are, and neglect to be true to who we are.

May tomorrow teach me more, yesterday always stay with me, and today… Today I will just take as it comes.