Dream. Dare. Do.

In three weeks I am heading off for a month of travel. Me, a rucksack and a best friend at my side. Like the name Magpies and Ladders this particular dream has been swirling around in my head for years.

Sat in my pyjamas, watching Eat, Prey, Love on a Saturday morning, unapologetically romanticizing, I consider the cliché that is me. I am surrounded by self-help books, meditation CDs and affirmations. Like so many I feel lost at times. Unlike many I am blessed with the ability and finances to enable to me step away from my daily bubble. While I fully appreciate the luxury of this opportunity I am also conscious that while most will continue to dream of doing, I will always endeavour to dare to do it.

When I began Magpies and Ladders I had no idea what I was doing. Driven by the craving to create I didn’t have a clue about setting up a blog. As demonstrated by my first ever post, I picked the first tangible thing I could write about and just did it. Initially I was so afraid. Ultimately I was scared of rejection. All I wanted to do was write and give back, but was I good enough?

Everything I have written has come from a place of openness and honesty. It has all felt right. That authenticity is what I believe makes it more than good enough. Is this not perhaps reflective of the way in which we should all be living our lives? Grounded in truth with an open heart and fearless mind.

It is all too easy to get lost in the daily grind. Most of us at some point find ourselves gripping onto something to ‘save’ us, whether it be relationships, work, self-help. It is all the same old shit just wrapped up in a different package. Surely for all of us the answers lie inside ourselves. So, what makes the difference?

With the right attitude and intention, we can live a life of blessings — even miracles — with ease and grace. ~ Gala Darling

I got here through hard work. I spent hours teaching myself WordPress and made the commitment to write consistently. My day job funds my passions. I worked hard to earn every penny that will pay for my upcoming adventure. I relentlessly strived to overcome my illness and I continue to be driven to find the inner peace and happiness which we all deserve.

It is very easy to see other people’s lives in greener grass or unobtainable. Some people are blessed with advantages that others do not have. But, are we all not capable of having a dream and daring to do everything we can to bring that dream alive?

I am okay with being a cliché at times. I am okay with romanticizing. What I will never be okay with is settling for less. My dreams may take years to become reality but I will always dare to do. Will you?

George Eliot