A Manifesto For A Better Mental Health

The UK National Health Service failed me. This is not a blame statement just fact evidenced by a lifetime of medical records. I would not be in recovery today had private therapy not been a financially viable option for me. None of this is acceptable.

Imagine a world where everyone was enabled to be the best they could be, it would literally be a better place.

Just 25 per cent of adults with depression and anxiety get any treatment and only 65 per cent of people with psychotic disorder.

How is this acceptable?

 ‘A Manifesto for Better Mental Health’ has been written together by Rethink Mental Illness, Centre for Mental Health, Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Network, Mind and the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It sets out straightforward, practical changes that any future Government should make in order to ensure our mental and physical health are valued equally.

Despite the fact that mental health accounts for 23% of the disease burden, it gets just 13% of the NHS budget and funding has been cut even further for the last three years. This is simply not good enough.

How is this acceptable?

These organisations are calling on any future UK Government to commit to:

Fair funding for mental health 

Commit to real terms increases in funding for mental health services for both adults and children in each year of the next Parliament.

Give children a good start in life

Ensure all women have access to mental health support during and after pregnancy. Raise awareness of mental health by putting it on the national curriculum and training teachers and school nurses. Invest in parenting programmes across England.

Improve physical health care for people with mental health problems

Ensure Government targets for smoking reduction apply equally to people with mental health problems. Create a national target to stop people with mental illness dying early, due to preventable physical health problems.

Improve the lives of people with mental health problems

Continue to fund the Time to Change anti stigma campaign. Offer integrated health and employment support to people with mental health conditions who are out of work.

Better access to mental health services

Introduce maximum waiting times for mental health care and support, including psychological therapies. Commit to continued improvements in mental health crisis care, including liaison psychiatry services in all hospitals. Continue to fund liaison and diversion mental health services, working with police and the courts.

Is that too much to ask?

How you can support them

 Be the Change.