Quit Sugar – Could you?

Sarah Wilson is one of the many gorgeous ladies I have come across over the last 18 months who studied nutrition through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She surfs, rides a vintage one-speed bike and she lives to eat. Don’t you just love her already?

Sarah has done a whole bunch of cool stuff over the past 20 years, including writing the Australian and UK best-sellers I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar For Life. I Quit Sugar was released in the USA and Canada April 2014 and is a New York Times best seller. Sarah has also authored the best-selling series of ebooks from IQuitSugar.com. Her 8-Week Program has seen more than 300,000 people quit sugar. Fancy joining them?

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Why quit sugar?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?
  • Do you need something sweet after lunch or dinner?
  • Does your stomach get bloated after eating?
  • Are you unable to eat just one piece of cake and walk away?
  • Are you “podgy” around the middle, perhaps even slim everywhere else?
  • Do you often feel unclear?
  • That you’re not always sharp and on-form?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you have an autoimmune issue and wonder if quitting sugar might make a difference?

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But, what about the science stuff?

Just like tobacco over time the habit can be fatal however added sugar has become so pervasive within the food environment that we can’t avoid it even if we wanted to. Unlike fat and protein, refined sugars offer no nutritional value and, contrary to what the food industry want you to believe, the body does not require any carbohydrate from added sugar for energy. So, basically, sugar is absolutely pointless. But, it tastes so good, right? Sure. It also…

  • Makes us fatty puffs
  • Hurts our hearts, increasing the overall risk for heart disease
  • Erm, kills us
  • It’s bad for our brains, you may forget where you put the sugar before you even have a chance to give it up
  • Increases our risk of cancer
  • Gives us wrinkles, as it reacts with proteins in the body, leading to a range of health problems while accelerating the ageing process.
  • Increases our risk of diabetes
  • Disrupts our hormones
  • Zaps our vitamin and mineral stores

As we start to open our eyes to the scandal of sugar, how can we possibly turn our backs?

Interested in quitting sugar now?

Sarah’s next program starts end of September 2014.

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