Let’s talk…Material Girl meets Mystical World with Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington graduated with First Class honours in 1998 after studying for a BA in Fashion Promotion at the London College of Fashion. She has gone on to become a (Great) British lifestyle writer, covering everything from interviewing Lady Gaga for a cover story to fashion and social trends.

As former Features Editor on the Sunday Times Style supplement, Ruby still writes extensively across all sections of the magazine. As well as contributing to numerous other papers and womens’ magazines, in the UK and the US, she also has a regular wellness column, Ruby’s Tuesday, on Lululemon.com.

Ruby is also the founder of The Numinous, a website dedicated to fashion, culture and modern cosmic thinking, where Material Girl meets Mystical World.

She currently lives with her husband and her ginger tomcat, Larry.

Meet Ruby Warrington.


The Numinous, what’s it all about? (And, what does it mean?)

It began with wanting to create a cool astrology site – something that spoke about this ‘mystical science’, but also looked beautiful and appealed to my fashion magazine sensibilities. I’ve always been fascinated with astrology, which can be boiled down to the idea that there is something outside our understanding that has a direct impact on our lives. In this sense, astrology, thinking of the planets as ‘celestial bodies’ directly connected in some way to my spirit, is also a spiritual science to me.

The site has grown to incorporate many other aspects of what I call ‘now age’ spirituality – it’s like the new age ideals of the 1960s hippie generation have come of age with their children, and now the subsequent generations, the millennials and younger, are embracing things like tarot, intuitive development, shamanism and other alternative healing modalities as not only normal, but progressive.

The word ‘Numinous’ means ‘that which is unknown or unknowable’, and was first told to me by Style’s astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel. It’s also used to describe any human experience that induces a feeling of awe. In fact, I like to say it means “awesome – in the Biblical sense”!

The Numinous is a place where Fashion, Culture and Modern Cosmic Thinking collide in a beautiful technicolor dream world

With a repertoire of celeb filled cover stories, researching the latest in trends in fashion, health and beauty, writing for both sides of the Atlantic, ad hoc and regular columns, how exactly do you find the time, and motivation?

Time is tricky…I never really switch off from work, which feels like the only way to fit it all in. Motivation on the other hand isn’t difficult at all, as I’m genuinely fascinated with everything I’m researching writing about. I’ve also always had a strong work ethic, it feels good to me to produce something every day. In terms of staying on top of it all, making sure I get enough sleep is essential, as are exercise and eating right (all clichés, but only because these are tried and tested ways of staying strong mentally, physically and emotionally!)

When it comes to the Numinous, asking how I stay engaged with this is like asking a mother how she finds the time, energy and passion for raising her child – it’s part of me, so how could I not?

How has your own personal journey influenced your work?

ruby_cobraI always loved reading magazines when I was growing up, as a way of knowing what was going on in the world and what people thought and had to say about changes in culture and society – so on a base level, my choice of career was born from wanting to contribute my voice.

When it comes to the Numinous, it’s almost impossible to tell where the site begins and my journey ends…I’ve been introduced to so many incredible people and practises through the site that I feel like my personal evolution and journey has been on fast forward since I launched it last year.

Material Girl meets Mystical World, what’s the trick to gaining the right balance?

Being aware that it’s possible. I also appreciate both worlds equally, they feed into each other for me, and I would never cut off or criticise my inner material girl as she’s a very important part of what makes me who I am. I also have Pluto (planet of power and transformation) in Libra (balance, diplomacy), which I think makes me a balanced person and also part of what makes me a good journalist – it’s not hard for me to step outside a situation to be able to see all sides of the story. Meditation and a regular yoga practise has helped with this too.

NYC and London, what’s the difference when it comes to magic makers and mindful living?

In NYC everybody has a shaman on speed-dial – and it’s completely normal to tell somebody you’re attuning a full moon Goddess circle or meditation workshop. Perhaps this has something to do with the health care system in the US being so inaccessible – it means people are more likely to take matters into their own hands! But it’s also such a mishmash of cultures here, people are very open minded – especially when it comes to anything that might give them a personal edge in such a competitive and thrusting work environment.

But I have to say, there’s a real hunger for the now age in London now. When I hosted a New Moon Meditation to Meet Your Sprit Animal last week, it was attended by 25 super switched on women (two girls from Elle, a jewellery designer, marketing director for Nowness.com, TV talent booker, head of documentary for the BBC…). And all with SUCH a chic London edge. My French ‘modern shamanic practitioner’ Marika Mesager, who led the meditation, rocked up in diamonds, a fur gilet and Isabel Marant boots, and we hosted the event at Celestine Eleven – which is basically The Numinous in a store, where high fashion labels are sold alongside books on spirituality and natural beauty products, and they have a yoga studio and holistic treatment room downstairs.

What does Holistic living mean to you?IMG_5099_1

The dictionary definition of “holistic” is: “comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.” And for me, a taking a holistic approach to my life means embracing every different aspect of my character and my experience. This relates again to my “Material Girl, Mystical World” stance in a way – where my material and my mystical life overlap is where I feel the most whole.

What is your message to cynics, sceptics, and the intrigued?

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

The Numinous by its very nature often cannot be explained, it’s really all about the experience…so listen to your gut and allow yourself to be guided to the right one for you.

2014 is the year for…

2014 is the Year of the Horse and the adventures are coming thick and fast! So it’s a year for taking your dreams and running wild with them…but also making sure you stay grounded in the saddle.

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

  1. Always do your best…but always let yourself off the hook. Perfection is impossible.
  2. Only give your time to people who make you feel good
  3. Banish the word “should” from your vocabulary
  4. Dress in a way that makes you feel like a total badass
  5. Get plenty of sleep

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