Let’s talk…Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Light Grids with Jody Shield

Jody Shield sparkles. Top to toe, and all around. Her glow is unmistakeable. As soon as you meet her it is evident that she works, and lives, completely from the heart.

Jody was once your average advertising agency chick, leading a fun and glam life with unsteady relationships and going through the motions. Everything changed when Jody decided to take some time out in South America. Through working and healing with indigenous Shamans’ and plant medicine life lead her to a new healing career in London. She soon began an exciting journey working with top Self-Development Experts and pioneering Energy Healers across Europe.

Jody now works with the techniques below, and also specialises in heart healing, living from the heart, self-love and relationships.

Meet Jody Shield.

Jody 1

What made you make the leap from the corporate world to going it alone?

When I returned back from my soul-searching mission in South America 4 years ago, I went straight back into advertising. It was what I knew and loved, except now I’d changed. I didn’t feel satisfied, and found it a challenge to meet my self-imposed standards and still enjoy the work. I felt my resistance in ‘selling-in’ work and ideas that seemed pointless. I wasn’t interested in socializing with work friends and didn’t enjoy the social scene. I was constantly drowning under pressure and lived for the weekend, dreading Monday mornings. I noticed the burnt-out casualties around me and I knew I had to save myself. But what else could I do? Marketing was all I knew (or so I thought). And then one day, this inner voice told me: “Quit your job”, so I did, on-the-spot. I trusted I’d be looked after somehow, and went for it. It was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never looked back. I knew I was on my path and things would just happen….which they have.

How has your own healing journey influenced your work?

Hugely and it is a vital part of excelling as a Therapist. I have a responsibility to maintain a clean and clear physical, emotional and spiritual body in order to work effectively with my clients. You have to have a solid and insightful understanding of what they’re experiencing to help them feel supported and safe in your space. Personally, I’ve put myself through the deepest, inner healing, releasing core beliefs relating to wide-ranging topics and issues, formed in childhood, passed down from ancestors and other lifetimes. Therefore I’m able to hold a space of absolute understanding, compassion and love for my clients.

Deep transformation, reignite your spark, get excited about life again!

Jody 2How does your work help others?

My work is highly transformational for my private and group clients. They experience very deep and powerful healing promoting rapid change in a shorter time when compared to other traditional therapies. That’s one of the main advantages of this work.

The work empowers people so they feel responsible for their own healing and journey. They will feel able to make their own changes and be in control of their lives again.

A big part of my work and vision is to support the movement from the over-active brain into the heart. This is a key part of transforming our society as a whole and creating more love, peace and wellbeing. Moving into the heart enables a new way to experience and receive the world, which benefits you in many ways; more love, more joy, more peace, more flow, more opportunities, more support….the list goes on, but you get the idea. The heart is a power organ and where it’s at!

How would you describe the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?

EFT is a phenomenal self-help tool. It’s so great because you can easily teach clients how to ‘tap’ and use the technique on themselves in a matter of minutes providing relief in-between sessions. It enables a skilled Practitioner to quickly identify the ‘what’ is going on behind the scenes of an issue and physically clear out from the body. EFT facilitates a rapid clear-out of old emotions and trauma stored in the emotional and physical bodies, and quickly releases the old and limiting beliefs hidden in the sub-conscious brain. The rate and progress you make with clients is astounding.

Take back your power.

Light Grids, what’s that all about then?

Firstly, it’s a new means of Physical and Spiritual clearing. It is very powerful, and the clearing it provides is deep and highly transformational. It offers a very deep clearing out of all your old emotions, trauma, memories and beliefs, similar to EFT but at a much deeper level. It’s a form of Spiritual healing, but I don’t reference Spirituality during the treatment, as I feel resistance from certain clients with old, unconscious links to religion, and Spirituality isn’t about religion in this sense. The Spiritual aspect is the connection to the highest frequencies and vibrations of the pure and clean universal source energy I work with during the session. I act as a facilitator, tuning into the energy field of the client (s) and I channel the information and healing I receive.

Clients feel the energies working through their physical body, creating an tangible aspect of the healing that the rational mind and ego needs to confirm it’s actually happening. It’s ideal for Londoners who are generally living from the brain.

It feels like a very deep and thorough detox of the mind, body and soul. You feel different afterwards and clients experience huge emotional releases.403b28_56a032ee3fde48d182c9c1fad849b2c3_jpg_srz_515_355_75_22_0_50_1_20_0

The feedback and progress clients make is mind-blowing. Word is spreading fast in London and I also have many Global clients via Skype. I also offer Light Grids in a group environment and the shifts that the group experiences are huge. Very exciting work and massive potential!

What does Holistic living mean to you?

To me, Holistic living means considering the mind, body, soul connection and how each relates to each other and contributes to your overall wellbeing and health. It’s about taking a whole and rounded view of everything that relates to yourself and your health e.g. diet, exercise, emotions, experiences, clearing etc.

To be grateful for all that you have, and all that you are, is key to your expansion and growth.

What is your message to cynics, skeptics, and the intrigued?

My talent is normalizing self-help and Spiritual healing to the skeptics and I have an excellent success rate. My client base includes, Accountants, Bankers, Lawyers, Models, DJ’s, Journalists, Coaches and other varied industries. Alternative Therapy is so effective for everyone, not only those who believe in energy or Spiritual healing. We are beings full of energy and vibrations, and sometimes the energy becomes blocked or limited. This can cause a physical reaction, and healing focused on energy can hugely alter your health. You have absolutely nothing to lose by testing a new therapy….you’ll only gain. Be open-minded and see where it takes you.

Finally, what are your top five tips for self-love?

Firstly, creating love for yourself is so important in your healing journey. Attracting in unconditional love and a balanced, loving relationship starts with cultivating a deep love for yourself first.

  1. Tell yourself: “I love you” every day in the mirror. Do it in the bathroom or away from other people. It feels awkward at first, but persist with it and you’ll soon notice the difference in your mood and how you feel about everyone else around you
  2. Pouring love and care into your body. Take time to nourish your body with lovely creams, long intimate baths, talking to your cells and making proper time for yourself.
  3. Create the habit to ask yourself: “How am I feeling?”. The action of asking yourself this question, bringing the awareness back to you, giving yourself attention and caring about yourself will help you feel loved and wanted by yourself, which is the most important thing 
  4. Learn to listen to your body. Your body is constantly communicating with you, but there’s so much noise in your overactive brain it’s often hard to hear it. Taking time to sit in meditation or silence will create a space to hear your body and become used to knowing what it needs. You’ll become more in-tune and understand when it reacts to something and how to remedy it.
  5. Listen to my new meditation ‘Open and Activate the heart’ every morning for 15 mins and you will soon feel the love flowing in and around you.

You can always count on ‘you’ to be there, whenever and wherever!

Email me asking for a copy of my new meditation ‘Open & Activate your Heart’. info@jodyshield.co.uk

Love and light

Jody x

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