Self-Love: More O’hhhhh, less No.

Betty Dodson aka The Godmother of Masturbation, is bringing sexy back to New York with her masturbation masterclass in an effort to help a whole new generation realise the error of their ways when it comes to being liberated.

Ever looked at your genitals in a mirror? Pleasured yourself alone? Pleasured yourself in front of your partner? If not, then why the hell not? Ladies, go now and loudly scream out that climax.

Better Orgasms. Better World.

Okay, so maybe Betty’s free lovin’, fantasy-filled lessons and orgies are a step too far for you but

no one should deny themselves an orgasm, especially due to shyness, uncertainty or being just too busy. Absurd. They’re in us all, set them free!

I have one particular friend who I talk openly and incredibly frankly with about sex and our

experiences. My partner and I are also incredibly open. Communication, as always, is key. I could not imagine going through life without those chats. From the depraved to the ridiculous of situations we have shared the most pleasurable and embarrassing of situations, and why not. Walt Disney love is a myth and sex is messy, but sex & orgasms are mind-blowing and quim quiveringly great, plus they also happen to be very good for you.

I’m not great with the science, nor do I much care. The main thing is that orgasms reduce stress. Bring on the wellness people, I’ll take a few please! Relaxation, lovely. It’s all thanks to a charming little hormone called Oxytocin. Thank you very much. Just don’t don’t forget the foreplay! Breast and nipple stimulation produces even more oxytocin.

They’re not only good for your head but also your heart. Fancy a change from the gym? There are limitless possibilities of routines, I’ve done my research. Possibly the best carido going, get it on and say hello to our little friends, Endorphins. Then we come full circle back to Happiness. Hooray.

Orgasms are good for insomnia. Hell yeah! Anything sleep related works for me. No talking, cuddling or after sex smoke, just give me the zzz’s please. Once upon time (pre-meds) my drive was so high climaxing was part of my pre-sleep routine, so I can confirm this fact to be, erm, factual. Scientific evidence at it’s finest, right there folks.

Both Oxytocin and our happy hitting friends Endorphins, allegedly, also help to alleviate pain.

An orgasm releases endorphins, a natural pain killer, which will increase your pain tolerance by up to 70 percent. Although for those “sorry Darling my head hurts” moments, you may wish to keep this little gem to yourself. You can also keep those pesky colds at bay as regular sex is linked to higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, thus boosting the immune system.

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.

Here’s the best bit, orgasms may actually lead to a longer life, so in effect you can keep coming and coming, and coming. Excellent. Not only that but with all that blood flowing from The Big O’hhhhhhh you will also be smarter. Okay so maybe I’m hoping too much there but an extra bit of blood flow to the noggin can’t hurt.

If you’re starting to worry about how many extra wrinkles you’ll accumulate during your fulfilled longer life then stop right now. Sex also releases Dehydroepiandrosterone (don’t worry I can’t pronounce it either), which repairs tissues, you’ll look younger than your years, and don’t forget that rosy cheek glow you’ll be wearing too.

Finally, orgasms just get better and better. Another area I have carried out my own research on and confirm, which is great. As I head towards my forties with a satisfied smile on my face, I look forward to all those orgasms yet to come.

Hokusai ~ The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife
Hokusai ~ The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife

Having an orgasm with a new fantasy is every bit as good as having sex with a new lover. Sometimes it’s even hotter. People can be so unpredictable, but I can always count on myself. ~ Betty Dodson

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