Let’s Talk…Lattes, Spirituality and Rap Music with That Guy Who Loves the Universe

Meet Sean, he’s fun. Also known as That Guy Who Loves The Universe , with a fresh take on spirituality, Sean is a broadcaster and journalist who believes that we do not have to chose between our spiritual side and our human side. Boom. Featured on websites such as TheDailyLove.com and InspireMeToday.com, in 2012 Sean was also awarded with the prestigious full scholarship prize by Marie Forleo to attend her esteemed B-School programme. Sean now offers his own fresh blend of blogging and coaching. Wanna get your spiritual swag on?


Don’t worry, The Universe provides BABY!


Let’s start at the beginning.

Cut to me, aged 21, hiding under my bedcovers suffering from a self-loathing hangover. I often thought that I could overcome this self-loathing and anxiety by buying a new pair of jeans or drinking a fancy cocktail at a hip bar, however, needless to say, that never quite did the trick.1531930_676622409025633_1294410085_n

Without boring you with the gloomy details of the dark corners of my mind let’s cut to the part where things began to get better, the day something within me said, ‘it’s time to be happy again’.

However, before I splurge into a rampage of spiritual verse, I have a confession. I guess I’m not your average ‘spiritual’ person, I still love to drink coffee, listen to rap music and watch the Kardashians. Of course I love to meditate but I also love to dance and, as much as you’ll find some great Hindu chants on my iPod, you’ll also find the new Beyoncé album.

I used to find myself in a constant battle to balance both a spiritual path with the modern world however, I’ve come to learn that they actually complement each other pretty tremendously because being down-to-earth makes you a really good candidate to bless the world.

What I love most about the Universe is its tremendous, mammoth and gigantic ability to value me, to value all of us. If we allowed ourselves to be freed from the fear we carry around every day we would begin to see just how important we really are. You may come across many books in the ‘self-help’ isle of your bookstore that tell you how to ‘be better’, ‘be more’, or ‘have more’, however, in the world today, I believe that is more important to believe that we are enough and we have enough.

Dear Universe, I do not know what is best for me so I leave the blessing in your hands.

A friend recently asked me that is for some strange reason I were in the middle of a really muddy field, with a yoga mat in one hand and a vanilla latte in the other and I could only save one from falling, which one would I choose?


I guess, after much deliberation I’d have to choose my Vanilla Latté.


Well, firstly why would I want to yoga in a muddy field?! And secondly because I don’t need anything to connect to the Universe. If I want to experience peace and joy all I have to is go to my mind…nothing else. No Yoga mat, Mediation Centre, or pair of beads (granted all of those1379676_646303038724237_1699466996_n things are wonderful) will compensate for a weak mind and spirit.

For the past three years I have been known online as ‘That Guy Who Loves the Universe’, however, I have to make the point to people that I am not their guru. I’m just a regular guy who loves spirituality all things spiritual. I want to live a happy life and I put effort in every day to make that possible. I still get angry and I still make bad choices, however I also make some pretty great choices and the decision to stay connected to the Universe has been my best one yet.

So, with this in mind, I would like to share some tips with you, however, I trust that you are wise enough to apply them as you fit:

Top 5 Things to do every week

  1. Spent 30 minutes with the Universe in traditional prayer, mediation, yoga or chanting.

  2. Spend one hour dancing in your bedroom to your favourite songs (and even using your hairbrush as a microphone)

  3. Tell one outrageous truth when it would be more comfortable to say nothing

  4. Complete one random act of kindness

  5. Express your genuine gratitude to someone or something

And, my final piece of ‘advice’, is to remember to allow yourself such wonderful, astonishing, blissful joy, it’s what the Universe wants for you.

Lots of love,

That Guy Who Loves The Universe

Want to know more? Visit Sean’s website, or find him on Facebook, and Twitter.


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