Bust Through the Blocks Workshop feat. Gabrielle Bernstein

***Warning: May Cause Miracles***

This year my beautiful friend Amelia  introduced me to  Gabrielle Bernstein and her book Spirit Junkie. You know those moments when you feel that something big has happened? That introduction was it for me. Roll on several months  and I find myself sitting in awe hanging on Gabby’s every word and glowing in the abundance of energy in a room at The Royal Institution of Great Britain.

We are right where we need to be. Everything brought us here

Let me ask you this, in case your cynicism outweighs your curiosity, have you ever felt stuck? Stuck in a job you hate, stuck knowing where to take your business next, stuck in a relationship you know is no good for you, stuck in your relationship with yourself, stuck knowing there is more for you to do, stuck struggling to find your way. Ever felt disconnected to the flow of life? I would challenge you if you are shaking your head right now. It is okay to have struggles, you just need to know how to get through them.

When we resist the natural flow of life we block the miracles

If someone had said to me a couple of years ago that I would attend such a workshop I would have laughed in their face, and boy would I have been the fool. Okay so the audience was made up of 90% women (toilet chaos!) as expected however, there were far more men there than you might have thought. If I had to summarise the audience in five words I would go with diverse, spirited, trailblazers, beautiful and smart. Writers, journalists, lawyers, charity workers, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and more. Please note that the auditorium was not filled with the wacky and weird, just the wonderful (and fashionable).  I had such an incredible day and not just because of the guided meditations, an introduction to Kundalini  and practical tools and exercises to take away and use, I loved meeting like minded folk (and cynics) and absorbing people’s stories. It was life-affirming. Gabby’s intention was for us to leave with a visceral experience and a desire to change. Job done.

Show up for life

So many of the tales I heard today rang bells with me, from self loathing to loss & grief, losing your voice physically and metaphorically, and longing for a community in which to belong. These were just ordinary people, including one desperately wanting a baby and another still mourning the loss of one, a writer who had published 7 books who had recently been faced with rejection, and an entrepreneur struggling with the highs and lows of his business.  Stress was a recurring theme, and the most common block of the day. In today’s age of technological domination, celebrity obsession and chaotic lifestyles it is pretty much impossible to avoid the S-Word. As Gabby so rightly says, we can’t deny or ignore the shit in the world but we can choose to navigate through the chaos.

What are the key ways in which you can be blocked?

  • Stress ~ perhaps you are stuck in old patterns, in a bad relationship or just struggling with static chaos.
  • Pain has purpose” ~ ever believe that the more you push the more you will succeed. No people, that’s not the way. Sure you can work hard but at what cost? Pain has no purpose, learn how to move through it.
  • Addiction ~ Alcohol, drugs, food, smoking, work….the list goes on.
  • Lack of faith ~ I personally couldn’t get by without it. Can you?

What happens when we are unblocked?

  • We start to live in a more faithful way
  • We’re less stressed
  • We have more patience
  • We’re less concerned with outcomes
  • We have a greater sense of power

What are the Five Yogic Sutras of the Aquarian Age and how can they help?

Given to us by Yogi Bhajan and shared with passion by Gabby they are words which we can all live by.

A sutra is a ‘knot.’ It is a complex spiritual concept reduced to one sentence and later expanded upon by a spiritual teacher. Sutras allowed sacred teachings to be protected from harm (by appearing harmless to conquerors) and were brief enough to be remembered by students in ancient times. ~ Haribhajan Singh, aka Catalyst Yogi.

1. Recognise that the other person is you

Do you make comparisons? Your best friend has the perfect life with her nice house and perfect children. Do you judge others? Your favourite celebrity must have the perfect life and your neighbour clearly isn’t worth knowing because they have a shit car. Do you attack others? Is your boss a nightmare, do you get angry at the supermarket attendant for not scanning quick enough. Stop beating yourself and others up. We can only truly see ourselves reflected in another person, good and bad.

2. There is a way through every block.

Challenges in your life are inevitable. You don’t need to know the how, just that there is solution. Logical thinking can get you so far but, in my experience, solutions do come from spirit. My mum commented the other day how everything always works out for me, no matter how bad things have got at times, I credit this to my firm believe that everything will work out fine. I am grateful for what I have and I ask/pray for further guidance. Try it, just be willing to pay attention and listen!

3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.

It’s all about the Now baby! Stop procrastinating. End that toxic relationship. Write that book. Start teaching/coaching. Quit your job. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection! No more “What ifs”. Take action when you receive guidance ~ those gut feelings, possible signs, the nagging voice in your head. Listen.

If you’re feeling helpless, help someone else.  ~ Aung San Suu Kyi

4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.

Nelson Mandela is the most powerful example of this. From prisoner to President, could he have taken that journey without compassion? Learn and act through the heart, leave your judgement at the door and look the suffering in the world head on. We are one.

5. Vibrate the Cosmos; the Cosmos shall clear the path.

All of the Universe is a vibration of energy. Let your thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and feelings flow in harmony with it. What we give out we get back. Boom. Thank you Universe!

Meditations and other tools

The geek in me got especially excited at the mere mention of homework. True story. Our task is to practise one of the following for the next 40 days. Go!

  • Breathing – Try this easy gem: Uncross your legs so you’re not blocking the flow of energy. Breathe in for 4 and in for 1. After a while increase it to breathe in for 8 and out for 4. Alternatively try the One Minute Breath. Breathe in for 20, hold for 20 and out for 20 – if this is new for you start with a smaller count. Easy, right? Practising such simple things can bring subtle shifts leading to radical changes.
  • Ego Eradicator  Check it out!
  • Snatam Kaur ~ Long Time Sun Sing it once for you, second time for someone who’s not on your Christmas card list, and the third time for the world. Or, just listen to it because it’s beautiful.
  • Snatam Kaur ~ Ong Namo Again, just listen if you want, its beautiful. (Ong Namo – I bow to the subtle divine wisdom. Guru Dev Namo – I bow to the divine teacher within.)
  • Tapping ~ totally new to me and I now want to find out more. It is a psychological acupressure technique that supports your emotional and physical health. Why not give it a bash.
  • Miracle Meditation ~ fancy a bit of mantra chanting? I absolutely loved this. Guess what I’ll be doing for the next 40 days?

Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar

(Translation: There is one Creator of all Creation. All is a blessing of the One Creator. This realization comes through Guru’s Grace.)

You may still not be convinced by all of this, which is absolutely fine and if we ever meet I promise to shut the fuck up about it. For those of you who remain curious I urge you to learn more. Please don’t expect your life to change overnight, it’s not like that. It takes time and commitment. You’ll find your perception shifts,  your belief system alters and ultimately you will be enabled to be the best version of yourself and become the happiest person you know.

Please can we do it all again tomorrow Gabby?

009 sat nam

What is blocking you at present?

2 thoughts on “Bust Through the Blocks Workshop feat. Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. Amazing amazing amazing!! What an experience!!

    I am such a huge fan of Gabby, and even though I’ve read all her books, this post gave me so many beautiful reminders. Thank you gorgeous. xxx

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