The Roundup

I LOVE Christmas time…

I can’t get enough of The Blacklist. James Spader, what a legend. I really want Raymond Reddington to be my friend. Love him!

I’ve already started with the Christmas movies, and why not. I begun with Elf and full belly chuckles, where better to start the festive season?

004 elf-Elf-in-frameI just like to smile, smiling’s my favourite ~ Buddy The Elf

In other Elf News: I REALLY want an Elf on the Shelf to come to play at our house. Brilliant.

Want to know 13 Ways Successful People Improve Themselves? Yes please.

He’s the man of the hour, and it’s time to track him. Thank you Norad. 003 Roundup noradsantanew

On December 1st the Christmas tree went straight up and the Christmas tunes were played LOUD in our house, starting with…

I don’t know about you but I definitely need (at least) 10 Ways To Cope With Christmas Parties

Kudos to Olympic diving star Tom Daley who came out publicly today. At 19 I couldn’t have done that, what a brave and inspiring guy. Through people like him we should hopefully get to the day where such things aren’t necessary, it will just be the norm to talk openly about all relationships no matter what your sexuality. Rock on the future!

Donate to Stonewall
 Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

2 thoughts on “The Roundup

  1. Hi,
    Just read through your whole blog. I think it’s fab. A really interesting read. However I am now craving some good cheese and a large glass of red…
    Roses xx

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