The Roundup

This week it’s all about…

The Day of the Doctor is (almost) here. I’m too excited for more words on this one. #savetheday

In other 50th anniversary news, as the world marks a half-century since the assassination of President John. F Kennedy, why not feel inspired by his legacy. He was a bit of a dude, not to mention a rather spectacular milestone in America’s history, and indeed that of the world.

New Year, new project? Feeling stuck? Thanks to the gorgeous Alexandra Franzen help is at hand   Trying to describe your delightful new project — and drawing a blank? Start here.

002 Roundup AF

Loving Stonewall’s new campaign to tackle homophobic language. ‘Gay. Let’s 002 GAYBANNERGet Over It’ aims to tackle the casual use of homophobic language in schools across Britain. A series of posters are being sent to schools across Britain with the clear messages: ‘Gay. Let’s Get the Meaning Straight’, ‘Your So Gay. Can You Spot the Two Common Mistakes?’ and ‘That’s So Gay. Let’s Be Honest, It’s Probably Not.’ Brilliant.

Every so often it comes up in conversation and just has to be played, LOUD. What a Tune.

Many people still do not understand schizophrenia and its symptoms, despite it affecting around 1 in 100 people in the UK! Find out from Jonny Benjamin what it’s like to live with schizoaffective disorder.

Between 9 and 13 million people are now estimated to have been affected by the devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines on 8 November. Over 5 million are believed to be children. Can you donate today to help ensure we reach every child in the Philippines who needs us?


What’s on your Hit List this week?

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