The Roundup

This week I am love, love, loving….

The Wrong Mans. Okay so it’s finished but I am still chuckling to myself and can NOT wait for it come out on DVD. Worthy of full belly laughs, it was original with a stylish script and a dream cast. LOVED it! Note: if you are one of those folk who find James Corden irritating, don’t be put off!001 Roundup - wrong mans

Not surprisingly, given my recent bout of man-flu, I desperately needed a dose of 7 Immune Boosters You’ve Probably Overlooked – evidence would suggest I had overlooked a few.

Have you seen Lily Allen’s new ode to gender inequality? You should.

Rachel MacDonald’s new website, could it be any more spunky, sassy, smart and loveable? 001 Roundup - rachel-macdonald

I believe in truth, freedom + following the trail of our curiosities. I’m all for leaning into life. And then, leaning in some more.

Sticking with Rachel, I adore her interview with Achieve the Impossible’s Natalia. At a time when I’ve been intention setting almost on a daily basis, I find this really inspirational.

Oh my, I think I may have a girl crush. More Rachel! Check out her interview with Queen of Glam, Gala Darling.

001Roundup - Gala

Bringing me nicely onto my other girl crush, if you are a fellow blogger, wannabe or just plain curious check out Gala Darling’s Blogcademy and the 2014 World Tour. I’m excited!001 Roundup - Blogcademy

On a different note, ever since a very kind colleague gave me some notebooks as a thank you gift I have been keeping a gratitude journal. Find out more about The 31 Benefits of Gratitude You Didn’t Know About: How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Last but not least, remember, remember the 15th of November! Supporting over 2,600 projects, working 365 days a year, all over the United Kingdom. Get involved to help make a difference to children and young people on
your doorstep.


What’s lit your fire this week?

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