Vegfest London 2013

Once upon a time I was hungover at work on school days, eating two tubs of ice-cream at a time, and going from one boy toy to the next, not liking them or myself very much. I never would have thought I would be waking up early one Sunday morning because I was excited about going to Europe’s biggest veggie event. I’ve changed.

My relationship with food has most definitely had its ups and downs. I spent my teens with my head down the toilet, and unsurprisingly my early twenties were spent being treated for an eating disorder. Now in my thirties I can confidently say, we’re doing okay food and I.

2013 has been the year where I have committed to changing my lifestyle for the better. I want to live a long life. I want to be fit and healthy. I want beautiful hair and skin. I want to feel amazing. The key to success is simple, so why is it so hard to get there for so many of us?

Food is a basic need, it is essential for our survival and it is everywhere. It’s no wonder we get led astray, confused, easily seduced and torture ourselves over it. As with everything, in my opinion, education is key and that is exactly where I begun. I’m not talking about going back to school, just pick up a book or magazine. Go online. Watch documentaries. Don’t scare yourself or feed existing obsessions, and definitely say no to calorie counting right now! The question to ask is, am I happy as I am. If, like me, you don’t feel amazing and you want to make changes to your life then that is a good start. Slow and steady wins the race.

For me, my education began with my friend Amelia at Nurture and Shine then I soon found myself reading ‘Crazy, Sexy Diet’ by Kriss Carr and then I discovered Vegiehead recipes. One thing led to another and soon I had swapped pasta for kelp noodles, Ben and Jerrys for Nakd bars, coffee for herbal teas and a hungover Sunday alone for a ‘vegetable convention’ (as my partner referred to it).

I love green smoothies, I avoid processed foods and I have discovered a whole new lease of life in the kitchen so, what would Vegfest teach me next?

  1. Nut cheese has nothing on real cheese. I was prepared to give it a shot but I’ll take baked camembert, goats cheese and feta any day. On the plus side, my friends won’t disown me for being a Cheese Traitor.
  2. I don’t understand faux foods. If you want a sausage then have a sausage, not a sausage imposter because the label says it’s much better for you. Is it really?
  3. Sweeties may say they are free from this and that but they are still loaded with sugar and I could still consume a multi pack in one sitting. That’s not really being healthy is it. That said, if you want something mildly better for you than Haribos then Goody Good Stuff sweeties are super yumeroo!
  4. I refuse to spend money on a bag of kale chips when I can just make my own, no matter how much of a tasty treat they are. However, if you fancy trying them without having to make them yourself then I’d definitely recommend RawLicious.
  5. And finally, my attention span can only manage one visit to each stall and once round the whole exhibition it’s time to hit the pub for lunch (with cheese), a cheeky wine and a catch up with a good friend.

Love wine. Love cheese. Love Sundays  

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